20 Interesting Facts about Perth

  • Perth has the largest inner-city park in the whole world. King's Park spans 4.06 km², pipping New York's Central Park at 3.41 km².
  • Perth has the most consistent wind of any Australia Capital. The Freo Doctor is the term for the cooling afternoon sea breeze which occurs during Summer Months
  • Perth has the highest population per capita of self made milionaires in the world

  • Perth houses the oldest operating mint in Australia in Hay Street, it's original premises.
  • The Olympic medals used in the Sydney 2000 Olympics were forged in Perth.
  • A few thousand years ago, it was possible to walk to Rottnest Island on foot because it was attached to the mainland. Today it is a 25 minute ferry ride.
  • Perth is the sunniest capital city in the world, with an average 8 hours per day sunshine 365 days per year. 

  • Perth has more cars and road space per capita than any place on earth. 
  • Perth is the only city in the world where an aircraft can land in the central business district. 
  • Perth was nominated by U.S astronauts as the 'City' of Lights' - as it stood out as the bright spot on earth

  • The Perth to Singapore air route is the 4th busiest international route in Australia.
  • Perth is closer to Jarkarta (3007 km), the capital city of Indonesia, than Australia's own capital city, Canberra (3905 km)
  • Perth is widely known to be the most isolated capital city in the world but in fact it is the second most isolated, after Honolulu.
  • Travelling around Perth City on buses is free by staying in the Free Transit Zone or using the free CAT buses. Think free bus travel within the zone from Orchard Road to Bugis.

  • The longest name for a place in or near Perth is Ngangaguringguring Hill. It doesn't return a result on Google Maps but it exists.

  • Perth has more Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed companies (830) headquartered in its city than any other capital city in Australia

  • Perth houses the largest oil refinery in Australia in the heavy industrial area of Kwinana.

  • The Perth Metropolitan Region alone has a land area of 5,386 km2, which is 7.5 times bigger than Singapore.
  • Perth is originally called Swan River Colony by the British settlers.

  • The closest ocean to Perth is the Indian Ocean

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