Nicole Seah, The Failed Strategist

I attended rallies during the GE2011 with interest, in hope of a "freak result" which didn't happen so I could give myself a reason to stay in Singapore. Didn't happen, so I left Singapore a few months later with a convinced mind. Nicole Seah was one of the key buzz of GE2011. She was so big that the ground even called the NSP, "Nicole Seah Party." Nicole Seah's team eventually gave Emeritus Goh Chok Tong's team a run for his money in Marine Parade GRC and restricted him to the slimmest win ever in his political career. Things looked great for Nicole Seah then.

In a span of less than 1 week, her political career imploded. There isn't anyone to blame but herself. She should have known better. As a second assistant Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party, she is a leader and a strategist. Any strategist must know one of the basic classics;

loosely translated as: know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

Call me a Captain Hindsight, whatever. If Nicole knows her sitation well enough, she will understand a political public figure that she is, is a public figure because of politics. She's no popular idol, celebrity blogger or whatever she seems to think she is. Nicole should be able to recall how the public made use of her election opponent Tin Pei Ling's pre-election photographs to taint her image. Let me do a bit of refresher for you.
Acting cute with her expensive new
Effects: immaturity, raise public doubt of her capability to serve, materialistic

Sultry pose with fuck face that isn't her husband
Effects: Slutty, raise doubt on integrity

"I don't know what to say" video
Effects: Bimbo, hare brain, childish, raise doubts on aptitude

If there was anyone who learnt a lesson from Tin Pei Ling, it would be Nicole Seah. Perhaps her memory had been impaired by her long bout of illnesses this year. That might explain why she felt there an absolute need to post a picture of herself in cuteness with a man for the world to see. Perhaps Nicole thought that other than her family and close friends, the public need to give a fuck about her new relationship. Bad decision. What isn't part of the strategy, stays out of the plan.

Had anyone stop to wonder why the media chose to slander her with that photograph that she posted only a month later? No, because only Nicole Seah was required to know her enemy but failed utterly to do so. Like a snake, the enemy bid for time. Then Nicole granted them a golden opportunity when she posted "Ground Zero". A strategist will do the utmost to conceal weakness or even set up decoys of strengths. Dear Nicole bared her tits, warts and all for the public granting the snake the perfect time to strike. [link]

Nicole immediately hit out on her Facebook in an attempt to clear the air, telling the public she isn't a slut seeing a married man like what the media insinuated. Within hours, all news sources were noticed to have changed their headlines and alter content, like a living shape-shifting labyrinth. The damage was already done. Initially, Nicole claimed that she didn't have the money and energies to pursue matters with SPH. That might have been a good closure to reduce her damages. Alas, urged and fueled by her team of foolish fans, she decided that it would be a good idea to sue the SPH, again, announcing to the whole world her intentions without giving herself even a night to consider.

Can someone in Singapore give Nicole a slap and get her to cool it down? This is a battle of minds a flustered strategist will lose. When fighting outnumbered against a stronger foe who has retreated into their garrison, a commander does not hit their walls with a trebuchet, for this gives the enemy no alternative but to advance and wipe his smaller troops from the map. The commander should take a lesson from the venomous snake to strike at the right time. She would have committed a familiar act of disdain if she sues like the men in white whenever they feel indignant. An act that the masses despise. There is still a chance for Nicole Seah to reverse her errors with a magnanimous display and garner her some support and sympathy.

Will you be taking the it, Strategist Nicole?


  1. Nothing will change in 2.5 years' time. I will continue to ask, how many 5 years do Singaporeans have.

    You, me and Winkingdoll. If we want to get things done we'll have to do it ourselves.

    1. I'll be back to vote for you in 2016 bro. ;)

    2. I would like to borrow dotseng's (a.k.a. Darkness) words, "it never pays to get a sheep to do a fox's job".

      The eggs who choose to fight against the rock, have to be prepared to be cracked. If CSJ is a "near psychopath" according to one old man, then it is perhaps true for he was willing to be relentlessly harassed for his courage to stand against Goliath.

      > 知彼知己,百戰不殆

      I know I'm a sheep, that's why I voted with my feet. I guess it's similar for numerous others like CK and myself.

  2. Thats the best way to exit politics - The Bill Clinton Way.

  3. Do not underestimate Nicole's current approach. She takes up some mindspace of voters; look at all the comments including yours. By showing that she listens to netizens, changing her mind about dealing with SPH, she endears herself. Now she takes the higher ground, gunning for "higher" reporting standards, and she has many people on her side.

    May be she knows herself better than you.

    1. I don't know Nicole better than herself or yourself but I certainly know the PAP better than you. Watch on, my friend.

    2. So now that the newspapers have apologised i guess Nicole won this round. She gained much publicity and scored some political and popularity points. Would you say it's a failed strategy? Watch on, my friend.

    3. What kind of publicity?
      What political points?
      What popularity?

      My goodness.

    4. Apparently it escapes you.
      Like i said "watch on, my friend."

    5. Did I? I certainly will, while laughing on. I can't wait to eat the humble pie really.

  4. I remember reading the book The Hatchet Man of Singapore, co authored by JB Jeyaretnam how MIW will do anything in order to achieve their goals. Therefore, I am not surprise Nicole has been marked since entering the politic. Hopefully, she will think thrice prior to making any rash move. After all, the Singapore media is controlled by MIW and they famous for making a mountain out of an anthill. She need to take lesson from WP, teochew Low Thia Kiang. Speak and challenge when necessary. Laid low if needed in order to avoid the darts of yes man gang.

    1. maybe she should become a quitter and migrate to australia like the rest of us! :-#

    2. I support that she should become a quitter. Anyway, everyone in singapore is a quitter descendant.

  5. Agree with Nix.

    Ah well. She's young and human. I just hope someone close to her reads your blog