Arrest of "The Messiah" Raises More Questions than Answers

According to the MSM, a prime suspect behind "The Messiah" had been arrested. The man was James Raj Arokiasamy, a 35 year old man, who was accused of hacking The Straits Times blogs, the PCF website and Sun Ho's website from the comfort of a unit in Dorchester Apartment at Jalan Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 28 at about 1.35pm. 

So many fine details, so it must be legit. Not if you think a little deeper, for questions will surface one by one and little loose ends don't tie.

If "The Messiah" was arrested on the 28th of Oct, why did PM Lee Hsien Loong vowed to "spare no effort" to hunt down Anonymous Hackers on the 6th of Nov. Will the men under his charge not tell their boss that the culprit had already been arrested a week before he actually told everyone that Singapore would be sparing no effort hunting down a hacker who was supposed to be already arrested, screaming for help in the IMH. So does the PM know a thing or does he not?

Reports specifically highlighted that the suspect was charged for hacking The Straits Times blogs, the PCF website and Sun Ho's website. All of us knew that these were not the only websites that encountered downtime in the past week. Just early today, the website of The Straits Times was down for a noticeably long period before they restored service. But they are quick to segregate these websites as either under maintenance. Not hacked. Why? Is it because no more websites are supposed to be hacked since "The Messiah" was in custody since the 28th of Oct?

You may choose to believe me or not. A personal friend working in the IT department of a statutory board was hauled up for emergency stand-by duty last weekend for possible intrusion attacks. If "The Messiah" was already arrested way before last weekend, who gave the orders to activate these staff to man their respective IT back doors?

According to reports, besides one charge under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act, James Raj also faces three prior drug charges, which have been amended. He is accused of consuming drugs on May 25, 2011. Why was the police unable to apprehend a drug criminal for 2 years but able to do so within days after he defaced a website?

Earlier in court, the prosecution applied for the accused to be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric evaluation, on the basis of the accused's statement to the investigative officer that he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). So we send people diagnosed with ADHD into the IMH in Singapore these days?

While undergoing the psychiatric evaluation, Raj will not be given access to third parties outside of IMH. Thus, his lawyer has yet to gain access to him till now. A criminal is innocent until proven guilty but the court is twisting justice but the court seems to be trying their best to prevent the accused from having a fair representation. What are they hiding?

We should not stereotype drug addicts but let's be rational. Can you imagine a drug addict who was more likely about getting his fix than to wade through a wave of programming logic, weaving them to do his bidding? 99% of us cannot even do a simple hack with a crystal clear mind. Is Raj really "The Messiah"?

According to Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB), Rak has outstanding drug-related offences in Singapore since May 2011 and was believed to be hiding in Kuala Lumpur. Do you think it is logical for even a ADHD, druggie who was supposed to be hiding for his life at large for a while to suddenly indulge in politics, freedom fighting and demanding answers from the government?

How could our police, with all their best effort, allowed a limping international terrorist to escape our tiny island managed to catch a faceless suspect, hiding in Malaysia, so effortlessly? The Malaysian police lending a helping hand to catch a drug addict. Really?

Up till now, nobody has even seen the suspect, other than the prosecution. Does he really exist?


  1. They call him "a thin, balding man" on the Asiaone headline

    Don't know why they particularly want to point out his appearance since Lee Kwan Yew is also a thin, balding man.

    Just personal assassination

  2. Maybe it is all just a wayang to prove they are still 'competent'?