Henley Brook Cuddly Animal Farm

It was a pleasant surprise to find a small animal farm only 28 km from Perth City. So we don't have to drive hundreds of kilometres deep into the regional areas to enjoy a quiet picnic with a few billies bleating occasionally in the background. That wasn't anything like a poultry production farm, rather a leisure one set up for families to bring their young children to. Animals and kids really mix. After all both sets are animals of innocence, so children naturally find themselves find themselves at home in such an environment, more so to their tainted parents.

One of the charms of such farms was simplicity. It reminded us that toys, decorations and entertainment did not have to be of certain brands or world quality assured, much like the times when my parents were children themselves. During those days, children use their imagination to conjure their protagonists from shadows and unwanted used items, the vivid images in their minds far more realistic than the highly rendered computer generated graphics in the present day.

It was actually a scene bursting with activities upon our arrival. So don't let my the lonesome Chernobyl-like pictures that I took fool you. The folks who went to the farm with us would have witness a jovial almost carnival atmosphere created by delighted children, free to roam and play under the watchful eyes of their parents.

We thought it was a good idea to allow little Albany to have a go in a jumping pillow castle. She spent a few good minutes hesitating at the entrance before convincing herself to have a go, unaware she was having the luxury of having the whole castle to herself. Before long, she naturally responded the way she was expected to. And who wouldn't? Even her dad would probably do the same if no one was watching. We ended up having to coax her out.

Earlier, Albany had a chance to witness a few minutes of goat feeding on the close up. Though she was a bit too young to really appreciate what happened I could sense her absorbing every single detail in all her curiosity.

Before long, we had a crack in the make shift tractor-train, probably made of used oil drums without much fuss. I imagined for a moment how a farm owner in Singapore may probably have to go through to get such a thing approved for operation. Perhaps a little list like Vehicle licensing (LTA), Environmental license (NEA), Fire safety (FSSD), Tourism proposal (STB), Operation Method Statement (BCA) and an agreement to fulfill the obligations of providing a Safety Officer, Facilities Manager and a policeman on standby every single round where children throttled by at 5km/h.

The ride was rough but nice. So were the rest of the farm. I didn't take everything I saw but you pretty much get the idea. Bring your children there. Good place.

Goats that bleated pitifully

Leisure time

"Kua simi kuku?"

Refuge from the warm Spring afternoon

"Kua simi kuku?" part 2

Soaked Bacon

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