We are the PAP

This is an apology from asingaporeanson.blogspot.com to all users for the missing updates this week entire. The site was actually down for scheduled maintenance but we were too low on budget to hire even a single IT administrator from India to put up a maintenance notice. Any inconvenience was probably intended but there is nothing you can do about it. What I'm missing is my own mainstream media to tell the whole Singaporean someone claimed to be the hacker behind asingaporeanson.blogspot.com's intrusion. That'll complete the picture nice and proper.

Whether you believe The Messiah is real or a mere conspiracy theory isn't the key. This isn't about DDos, embarrassing the government or sending a message. This is about revolution. All revolutions in history were led by the people, not the government. No successful revolution was without sacrifices. Singaporeans who do not understand this simple fact are the same people who talk about 'peaceful protests'. No government is going to open the door, remove their pants, bend down and let you ram their arses whether you did your request peacefully or not. If your legal peaceful protests gain enough impetus, you will be sure it will be made illegal or non-existent before the spark of revolution can be ignited. In an unique situation like ours, it is totally unnecessary and counterproductive to hold protests at this stage. 

The underlying key will be how much Singaporeans is willing to sacrifice for what they believe in. It's a tall order, to choose between an ideal and reality. After all, material comfort, peace, convenience and security is as real as the moment we throw that slip in the white box. That also comes guaranteed oppression, financial slavery, incompetence and elitism on the other side of the balance. How much is the Singaporean willing to take away to lighten both sides of the balance? As far as we can see for now, nothing.

A simple episode of The Messiah shows us how many Singaporeans who normally claimed they are against the government, to write blogs about how they feel The Messiah's approach to send a message was 'wrong'. These are the same Singaporeans who will throw the slip in the white box in 2 year's time because 

'I don't know who the opposition is.'
'I must vote them because I am due for promotion this year and I cannot take the risk.'  
'The opposition is a mad man, newspaper say one.'
'I hate the PAP but I think this opposition looks beh kan.'
'I rather have a doctor serving (fucking) me than a taxi driver. Aiyah, when I need MP to write a letter, doctor more powerful mah!'
'I won't vote for Nicole Seah because the newspaper say she is into beastility, see, they have a picture of her touching the penis of her soapy dog in a bath tub.' 

People power do have the ability to send a message. If every Singapore household refuse to pay their Singapore Power bills the following month after they announce another 20% price hike of electricity, that sends a massage. Do it for two months, it rings the panic bells. Do it for three months the supplies will be cut off. It may be a terrifying thought to live under the dark but not as terrifying for a business to have the majority of their subscribers cut off for a single day and have their cash flow significantly reduced for 2 months. As far as I know, this is not illegal but just try to imagine how Singaporeans will react to the idea. It is too painful for me to even spell out what excuses we will give. If we can't even live a day in darkness, how do we expect not to be walked over in every aspect of our lives?

We have to understand that the PAP is not a group of elites trying to make life difficult for us. It isn't about an incompetent Prime Minister or his mollycoddled team. Ladies and gentlemen, the PAP is not about politics, governance, who is right or wrong, who is better or worse. It is an idea, one which exists because we exist. The life force of this idea drains from our unwillingness to let go of what we have. We are the ones which fuels the flame of the idea by sending our kids to the best schools, give them 10 hours of tuition a week, preparing the next generation that is how life is supposed to be and there is 'no choice' in doing otherwise. We endorse the idea when we take the bus the next day after another price hike announcement. Our selfishness, kiasu and kiasi traits is not a habit. It is a trait that cannot be unlearned.

If there is a lesson we can take from the Anonymous, you can't kill an idea. Especially so when we are actually the idea, we are the PAP.


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  2. into HDB estates like Punggol, Sembawang and Seng Kang.
    In Singapore , foreigners are the kings and you call the shots. The timid locals will not dare to step on your toes so long you assert your rights and they will give in to you like sheep, as they were called lately by a Senior Minister.
    6. PREFERENTIAL treatment for foreigners:
    Racism is rife in some countries like Australia which saw a spate of protests against Indians lately, but not in Singapore where the ruling party is extremely protective of foreigners to the extent of dishing out preferential treatment to them. Singaporeans will never dare to attack foreigners openly or protest against their presence because they will be arrested immediately by the police under the new Public Order Act.
    However, foreigners are free to campaign for their rights and interests without much interference from the authorities.
    When over 200 PRC workers protested outside the Manpower Ministry last year over unpaid wages, they were allowed to block the traffic to its entrance for hours. The employer was eventually forced to repay the workers.
    In a recent case, a PRC couple together with 3 others “hijacked” a SBS bus for six hours and was given a free cab ride home in the end. The police was called to “escort” them from the bus down to the cab.
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  5. True blue Singaporean are being diluted with these influx of FTs ,Its now too late, to make any change on policy change not even 2016..

    True blue Singaporean now goes as National History