Any Nice Singaporeans in Melbourne?

1.5 years ago, someone working in the medical field sent an email over and asked me to edit 'sensitive information' out before publishing to minimise the risk of getting found out "intention of leaving Singapore". By today, I think she wouldn't give a damn. (not that I'm revealing anything though) I received her email which said,


Dear Nix,

How are you and your family doing? :)

I'll finally be moving to Melbourne on a Skilled 189 Permanent Visa next week, was granted the visa last year. Will be going there to look for a job, putting up at a hostel first.

Would you happen to have any nice Singaporean contacts in Melbourne? :) I thought it'll be a good idea to get to know as many people before I leave, since I'll be going there alone.

Also, do you happen to have any recommendations for reliable life insurance companies in Australia?

Would appreciate any help!




Chiobu Singaporean no longer in
Melbourne for illustration purpose only
Hey G,


Unfortunately I do not have many Singaporean friends living in Melbourne. Try these:

1) Singaporeans in Melbourne Facebook Group - Like anywhere else, differentiate between wolves and rabbits.

2) You may want to look for Thomas Lim in the group because he's my trusted friend (that I haven't met personally) No guarantees he'll respond though. Try your luck.

3) Neurotic Ramblings of a Singaporean Couple - Don't be fooled by their blog title. As opposed to the writer of this site, the bloggers are sane and talk a lot of sense and they happen to be in living in Melbourne now. If you find the guy too cranky on a bad day, try talking to the girl - you'll probably find her one of the nicest girl around that you can chat with.

4) Forum - It is one of the places I started off before I came to Perth. You may want to take a look here.

5) Any name and contact drops in the comment section of this post by interested volunteer Singaporeans in Melbourne who are kind enough to offer friendship.

No idea about Life Insurance as for now. Maybe another post, another day.


  1. Any day a stupid person talks to me is a bad day.

    Haven't caught you on FB for ages. Anytime I catch you, good day!!


  2. Hey mate, enjoy reading your blog. This entry kind of reminded myself of the only post i had so far on my new blog......"How to watch Singapore TV programs while overseas". Hope you find it useful....nothing beats watching Zoe Tay or Lee Nan Xing (The Journey) , also the the makan variety show on hawker food....... enjoy

    1. Hello! What is the link of your blog?

    2. think you can click on my name and it will auto-redirect you there or "manually" click here....

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  5. Did u ask her permission to use her photo?


  6. I have to salute "G" for having the courage to venture there alone without knowing anyone.

    I've just got my 189 approved not too long ago too and surely wouldn't mine to be in touch with G once I landed - hopefully in August. I have a bunch of close friends and family in Melbourne. Would be happy to share as much.


  7. Welcome to melbourne, I am also a Singaporean. My wife (Indo Chinese), 1 year old son and I are staying in South Eastern Suburb, Rowville. If you are keen to rent temporary accomodation, you can contact me

  8. Nix I really have to kowtow to you for being able to find all these chobu pics.

    I am based in Sydney but welcome questions from G re: Sydney if need be. Just post the request and I will post my temporary contact details. Sure I am coy with my contact details partly because it will be my alternative email address. I don't like Uncle Lee to be sniffing around too much.

    I suspect I will be advice-only-no-physical-help kind only because I go around Australia to work all the time. I have spend a total of 9 days in Sydney since New Year.....

    RE: Life insurance

    I will have to say people can get Life Insurance (as we know it in Australia: No health checks, Regular premium, little or no rebates, lump sum payment on proof of death only, no 'savings', *** NOT ALWAYS THE SAME AS SINGAPOREAN's idea) easily on the internet esp those insurance brokers website (like iSelect etc).

    BUT you may want to buy insurance as a package with some discounts (eg, private health insurance/ car insurance/ income insurance/ life insurance). If you do this with a face-to-face broker, it may involve ridiculous broker commission for the rest of the time you are with the insurance company, so beware.

    If you are a healthcare worker earning decent money (Doctor/Nurse/Pharmacist) you may seriously consider health insurance since:

    1. If you don't, the government will charge you a Medicare surcharge for certain income threshold
    2. If you actually work in a public hospital, you may get to see things that made you want to have a choice of doctors or hospitals whenever you are sick (Although I know Nix had very pleasant experience with WA public hospital service so far).

  9. Hi, I just stumbled onto this. I am a Singaporean who moved to Melbourne 5 years ago. Coincidentally, I happen to do some work for Meld where that article you cited was one of our most popular pieces last year.

    I'm happy to be in touch with the new visitor. I found work in the city without PR which was a great blessing so I try my best to pay it forward whenever I can. You can pass on my contact