Prices in Perth - 1 March 2014 (Meat, Seafood and Spices)

We hardly eat pork and didn't buy any but that's the price for leg anyway

I bought one of these. If you dust it with a bit of flour mixed with light herb and salt, cook it on high heat for 2 minutes, flip and cook the rest in lowest heat with lid on, you're going to get a succulent, tender meal
I know I shouldn't be eating these but I can't help but munch on them as snacks. Still better than shoving down the cheap chocolates and potato chips here, I hope
Eggs are $3-4 per dozen. Another reason not to migrate to Australia
How much are dried cranberries in Singapore? This is about $14 per kg here. Check out the prices in Singapore and let me know
Same price for Almonds
Another reason not to migrate to Australia. No, a reason why we must  #buyaticketandgobacktosingapore
Some of my friends like paying a bomb for a pack of these from the shops. Why not just air-fry it at home at a fraction of the cost? It has already been breaded for you. What more do you ask for?
If you want different cuts, they have it too
Baby squids and whole squids
Some frozen fishes, because we cannot cook everything at one go, unfortunately
More frozen fishes
This is quite a nice fish. Try it
For bacon lovers. Ex-lover can only look on
Trust me, you cannot beat the prices of these here. You get a smaller quantity at a higher price than this in Singapore. Another reason to migrate to Australia, oh wait?!


  1. Prices in singapore are really out of control. Baby milk powder are 3x more than in other countries.

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    1. I spoke to an egg farmer before. She told me the authorities made it very tough for chicken and egg farmers to operate by implementing very strict laws because the locals deem chicken farming as pollution. So most chicken farms were moved out to faraway regional areas and the logistic costs certainly reflect in the egg prices here.

    2. Can people keep some chickens in their backyard for eggs?

    3. yes. but there is a limit of hens allowable.

  3. Wah, Nix

    Looking at the Spudshed prices, it's really competitive (except the spices). Are they run by Ching-chongs (Chinese) or Aussies?

    Now I know where to shop in Perth when I am in town!

    1. Spudshed owned by Galati, Italians,
      One of the biggest family biz next to Kailis, Greeks.