Prices in Perth - 9 March 2014 (Petrol)

For those who miss out on what was mentioned several times earlier, I'll summarise the fuel kiosks situation here. 

1) Average fuel stations supply petrol (of different grades), diesel and gas. Most stations are not operating 24 hours, though there are a handful around the area. Unlike in Singapore, gas is unavailable at most stations (accurate to the last time I patronised one) and most, if not all, are on 24 hours shift.

2) Diesel cost about 10% more the petrol, gas cost about 1/2 the price of petrol. In Singapore, we are used to having cheaper diesel.

3) Prices of fuel varies day by day, station by station

This was probably not the "cheapest" day but I was running short so I did a fill. Since I had a Woolies discount card on me, the station gave me a 4 cents discount off my total, which was $1.42 off $51.22. So I left the station $49.80 poorer. Anyway, that is how you read the fuel bill here.

Fortunately Goldie has been consuming modestly throughout her 2 years of service. That 35L would normally last me 2 weeks to-and-fro work these days, since we don't drive it during the weekends. That works out to be a 15km/litre or a 7L/100km consumption rate. Not too shabby for a 16-year-old car I bought for $2,200 two years ago. I cannot complain. Since petrol cost has risen considerably these 2 years, a low consumption car goes a long way.

It would be nice to own a better, more comfortable car like most, if not all of the Singaporeans in Perth that I know here. I am the sole remaining owner of a lao pok chia, though the newcomer Cedric may give me a run of my money, that is probably temporary. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice thing to own a good car although car prices in Perth are not really low. Most Singaporeans should be able to take comfort regardless of any car they buy here, because of how the way it is back home. So we should all be alright. Consumption, after all, is all about gratification and feel. However, I am unusually pragmatic about this. Trust me, I would buy and drive a tank if the situation requires of me. On a less radical side, probably a hardy 4x4 ute if it could help me turn the wheel of life. Money isn't the concern here, it is the purpose. A car should always be a servant to the owner, not the other way round. Besides, I don't share any romanticism about driving like many guys. Ironically, I drive at least twice the distance most people do in Singapore or even Perth everyday but driving remains strictly business to me.

As for my wife, since she still drives her Rav 4 with a slight glee, our car ownership status shall remain status quo till further updates.


  1. Nix

    It's currently $1.61/L for E10 unleaded where I am working now so be glad.

    Also the $0.04/L discount you got is classic illustration on how the discount should affect your consumption.

    Your savings: $1.42

    You can already save more than that choosing to buy certain foodstuff from elsewhere other than Woolworth (which is not as cheap even when they are on "special") and I bet that if you buy all that stuff in the pictures you posted previously, from Woolworth instead of Spudshed, you will be at least $10 worse off.

    Furthermore even if you did have the voucher, you may come across the petrol station with a lot of cars lining up to pump petrol on a wrong time, wrong day. Then you need to consider this: is $1.42 saving worth lining up for 30 mins, or you can just go to the next gas station with no discount, and then spend the extra time you saved with you family.

    Your perspective, your choice.

    I only use the discount voucher only if the station is empty and I don't have to detour a long way to get to the gas station that accept the voucher.

    1. You are absolutely wrong. An Woolies mobile prepaid card is the cheapest deal on the market. It cost me the same as any other cheapest deal a rival can offer on a 45 days instead of 30 days period.

      Two of such cards for both my wife and myself is adequate for me to qualify for a discount on my fuel for all my fills. Furthermore, I never queue. I only do my fills at 645am in the morning on the way to work where most lazy bums cannot get out of bed - even for a discount.

      Prove me further wrong

    2. I wish I took the photos

      Just last week the caltex woolies station was selling e10 ulp for $1.57/l, or $1.53 after discount. The local brand United 1 km down the road sells it at $1.49/l no discount. BP opposite the Caltex was $1.54/l without discount.

      Maybe it is an East Coast phenomenon

    3. That happens in Perth as well but there are days the prices are reversed among the rivals. That is what I mean by prices varying from brand to brand, day to day.

  2. About the same price for petrol in North America. In Alberta, it's much cheaper. I think $1.10 per litre.

    overseas sinkie

  3. You can get prices of gas in Vancouver from the website below.

  4. Haha... cedric showed me his cars.... and we both agreed that only when u pay that little for car that u realise, as u put it, a car should be a servant to its owners. Oh by the way I dropped u a mesg of fb.