From Next GE Onwards, All Elected MPs Must Obtain LWPP Certification to Commence Duty

Public announcement:

Starting from the next General Election (GE), all elected Members of the Parliament (MP) or part thereof shall go through a mandatory 6 months civic training. Upon successful completion of the course, members will be awarded the LWPP certification, which is a requirement for any elected MPs to start their round of duty. MPs who failed to obtain their LWPP within the stipulated window will be disqualified from their roles.

What is LWPP?

LWPP stands for Live with Poor People, designed as an initiation program for any elected MPs, regardless of which party they represent. 

In one of the earlier scenes of the movie, '300', a young boy was shown embarking on a perilous quest to slay a snow wolf alone, with nothing but a spear in his hands. He would have died or emerge victorious to be the King of his people. 

To be a Chieftain of the Beggar Sect, the elected one must go through a ceremony where every attending member of the beggar sect would spit on the would-be Chieftain to be recognised as their leader.

Any distinguished leader of Singapore will be revered upon their initiation program. LWPP is a modified program to suit the modern needs of such so as to render it meaningful and relevant.

Summary of LWPP

After the results of the GE is established, all MPs are to report to the Padang within 4 hours. A study was made to confirm the timing is sufficient for thank-you speeches, other whatnots and travelling. All MPs are to seat the designated part of the field and wait for their turn to draw a posting slip in a concealed box.

The posting slip will reveal which Singapore poor the MP is assigned to live with for the next 6 months. During the 6 months, each MP's living conditions will mimic their assigned Singaporean poor, including their type of day-job, salary, mode of transport, distance to work place (± 2km variable distance allowable). MPs who are posted to unemployed Singapore poor will start their program with no income or whatever amount the commoner is receiving as assistance from the state. MPs are neither allowed to meet up with friends or family nor receive assistance from friends or family in any form. Their movements shall be under surveillance by the police.

At the end of the 6 months program, MPs will sit for a written examination which consist of 100 simple multiple choice questions. From the exams, they are expected to demonstrate knowledge from a commoner's perspective such as a pair of chopsticks does not cost $11.50, heart surgeries don't cost $8, a amount of $5,000 is not at all derisory, $600,000 is certainly not peanuts.

MPs are required to pass both their written papers and assessment of LWPP. Upon completion of LWPP, MPs will be awarded a certification and fully recognised as the esteemed representatives of the people. 

Rotation of MPs

MPs are allowed to start work after the GE but they must complete obtain their LWPP within a stipulated window. Failure to do so will disqualify their mandate. To avoid the scenario where all MPs embark on their initiation at the same time, each MP will be subjected to a LWPP qualifying window which commences on the MP's next birthday after the GE and ends on the prior prior to his next birthday. For example, if the MP's birthday is 26 Dec 1970, the window will start on 26 Dec 20xx (year of GE) and ends on 25 Sep 20xx+1.

MPs who failed their LWPP the first time will be given a chance under the Remedial Program (RT). Under the RT, the MPs will be required to live with homeless Singaporeans for 2 additional months. This is to ensure MPs know such a under-privileged group actually exist, (to address the notion of "There are no poor in Singapore") and experience the exciting lifestyle of camping at public parks playing hide-and-seek games with NParks Officers.

Renewal of LWPP

IT professional have to renew their MCSE every couple of years. Accounting professionals have to upkeep their CPAs. So do lawyers and doctors. An MP is no exception. The LWPP certification is only valid for a single term of duty. Should an MP be re-elected during the following GE, he or she will have to go through a fresh LWPP program to be re-certified.


The Live with Poor People Authority (LWPPA) is a fully non-partisan committee formed lower income Singaporeans (first 20%). Any Singaporean with links with any political parties is not eligible as a member of the LWPPA.

Do you like the LWPP program?

Well, first they suggested sending our parents to JB. Then they suggested sending our children to poor countries. How about this time, for once, we make the suggestion?

We can only dream. 


  1. Even Train drivers need to go for yearly refresher course. Taxi drivers also need to attend refresher course every 5yrs. I think it's good idea for MPs to do it so they won't lose touch with the ground. They will understand the commoners better.

  2. still want to spend money on a bunch of ministers? just need to vote with eyes open.