Waking Up at 4am: Day 4

For those who have the habit of souring everyone's Monday even more by posting how much you hate Mondays, think about a Monday after you worked over the weekend. Turning up at 5am on such a Monday must be the mother of all Mondays. Fuck, I didn't even wake up at 4am during my NS days. Perhaps the odd 1-2 times to prepare for an exercise at most. Here, I was on my 4th day and it started to feel unpleasant.

Since Steph has always been wondering how much money I make, I might as well clear this once and for all. I'm being paid $30 odd dollars per hour so that 2 extra overtime hours we had been putting in would yield me $40+ per hour. That wasn't big money for such work trust me on that - I would justify that later. Still it felt good for that 2 hours being paid like a tradie but the feel good factor didn't last long. Even the thoughts of making extra money fail to motivate further. I knew this would happen under the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. I was just waiting to see how long it would take before it kicked in. Somebody even dared to tell the public that being paid more money would prevent corruption. As good as saying more sex prevents infidelity. Bullshit couldn't be distilled purer.

Monday was a drag because the young boys were back at work. I had to spend time making them happy instead of clearing the bog. It was probably one of the worst Mondays in my 1000 over days here. Still I managed to keep myself happy during the drive home at 3.30pm. No traffic lights stopped me for more than 1 cycle. A consistent 100km/h on the freeway. The Darling Scarp on the horizon. Trees taller than buildings. 20 degrees Celsius at mid afternoon. I couldn't ask for more for a decent ritual to cleanse the afflicted mind.

The workers were starting to piss me off at work. I didn't expect full efficiency at Day 4 of overtime but stopping to joke and not taking work seriously crossed my line. Trust me, there couldn't be a supervisor more accommodating or lenient than me here. I expected the fuse to blow soon at this rate. I would have to work doubly hard, not just to catch up on their slack but to demonstrate to them we should be ethical and responsible enough to practice an honest day's job for an honest day's wage. We were given the rare liberty at workplace these days, to work and plan our timings ourselves. We should know very well we would lose this privilege if we couldn't justify why we deserved it.

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