Waking Up At 4am: Day 5

Some people thought that it didn't make sense to wake up at 4am to work overtime. They reasoned since I had the freedom to decide, didn't it make more sense to do a 7am - 5.30pm shift instead of a 5am - 3.30pm shift? More traffic during 7am, more traffic during 5.30pm. More time spent on the road. Less time to sleep. I don't know which make more sense. If I love watching the driver in front of me digging his nose from his rear mirror, I might as well
return to Singapore.

This morning it seemed like fog engulfed the entire Perth metropolitan. I could hardly see 1km away on road. I would half expect a walking corpse suddenly appear within visibility as I cruise through ROE highway on high beams. The Winter cold really bit. It was about 2 degrees Celsius and didn't do our hard fingers any good on the metal studs we were dealing with, even with gloves on. Put your hands into a pot of iced water for 5 minutes and try to do some work right after to understand how it feels - if you can even last 5 minutes in that icy pot. That would be my argument the next time I hear someone in the office grumble over the amount of overtime we were being paid. The same people who scurried back to their heated office the moment they were done talking to me out there.

The same goes for Singaporeans who asked me how to get a job in Australia from their comfort zones in Singapore. I am not saying that is impossible to do. Shuang Yun did that. A Malaysian girl I met during the Bak Zhang making lesson I was invited to did that. So I cannot tell you here that it is impossible to land yourself a job before you make a move. But how? Apply for jobs lah. Is there any dark arts that you think I may know about? In fact since we are at it, I do. Are you willing to pay the price, at my cost? Probably not. So get your butts and do the conventional way by applying for jobs like any other people. You need plenty of diligence, patience, perseverance and luck. I've given you the ingredients for the magic potion and it's up for you to brew it and drink it up like how a Gummy Bear drinks his juice, by downing it like a boss and not spoon fed.

We seemed to be fighting a losing battle at work. While we were beginning to take control of our own production, the supplies from overseas was coming at a rate faster than we could check and clear them out. To handle these, we need to double our manpower not work extra 2-4 hours a day. That was unfeasible at the moment because extra untrained hands would only create more work. Just reminded me how often ex-military men were put up to handle municipal matters somewhere else. Asking a butcher to weave.

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