Waking Up at 4am: Day 2

Day 2 was Saturday. I woke early on Saturdays before to help friends move stuff or things like that but it had been nearly 2 years since I worked on a Saturday.

It was much worse back then. There was no comparison. During those days, I worked with pain every night and couldn't even move my fingers properly by every morning the next day. I felt tired but at least I wasn't in pain. From the working point of view, coming in on a Saturday was great. As there was nobody around except just the three of us, there was no pesky interruptions to my work and thought process. Soon, we were able to get in the 'zone' and work like demons. We ended up producing much more, though it could be better and that would be sorted out during my quiet morning drives. 

Talking about my morning drives, I felt like I owned the road. There was an odd car or two but nothing within 1 km from me at all times. You know, I have a strange way of measuring personal comfort. I was looking for a place where random human beings are not within 5m radius from me most of the time. They could say all they wanted to or even get academics to prove that Singapore heaven on earth with charts and graphs. I would only give those attempts ratings based on my own comfort measuring framework. They got a "Middle Finger" rating.

We ended work at 10am because I needed to rush back to bring little Albany to her swimming class. That was something I would not compromise work for. I could make allowances perhaps for a few times but I promised myself if that happens too often, it will be time to say goodbye to the job. Promise. I nearly fell asleep watching Albany and Jen going through the lesson but their smiles were too good to miss.

I slept like a log with Albany on my chest after a late lunch.

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  1. The World is revolving fast all the times, many things are getting smaller now these days, I do still remembered of those days back in 1983 ,While working onboard ship, as a young 3rd officer ,My tanker shipping company has schedule maintenance dock service every 2 years routine in Singapore.

    During that period, as a young duty officer on board to supervise these group of workers, working on our piping system line including Mandatory x-ray certification, I can see that ,they're all, our truly Singaporean workers, reflecting on their trademark with neatly working attire dress up .

    I spoke to one of the qualified welder with API and ABS certifications to carry the work. I notice ,he do speaks with a thick teo chew accent ,at one of the tea-breaks, I was surprise to know from him, that he was pay $30.00 an hour, while his experience assistance fitter was pay $ 16.50 ct .an hour. Wow Their pay of 2 weeks pay, Which my pay cannot match, in a month working on board.

    Two years later on, when the ship did come back for his schedule docking, but time, I'm already serving as 2nd Officer on board, The Singaporean workers, they seem are now all gone.

    This time dealing with a Malaysian, as qualified Welder and with few Banglas as his assistance fitters for the job, This Malaysian qualified welder was paid $17.50 an hour and his banglas fitters assisting him ,$3.60 ct an hour.

    But the bill invoice claims, that I signed and authorized wasn't much difference from the last 2 years for the present invoice, in-fact, to be exact a bit more higher than before.

    Now with total workforce of all our Singapore shipyards consist of foreigner workers.
    The Moral left behind are for us to take note is , Since that Singapore already past with their planning of evolving economy .

    My practical thought, Australia economy definitely will be the next in line to remain competitive of the World economy. This are hard facts, sometimes in reality its hard to digest the truth.

    I may be wrong, I hope so.