2 Years of Goldilocks

Just realised 2 years went by since I bought Goldilocks, the golden 1999 Daihatsu Pyzar that I drive to work everyday in. It wasn't much of a bargain by paying $2,250 for it but if you read how bothersome it can be to look for cars if you don't have one to go around in the first place, that made the Goldilocks deal reasonable given the circumstances we were in at that point of time. 

I remembered telling Jen I didn't found Goldilocks absolutely sound. In fact, there were niggling problems here and there such as a creaky CV joint on the left which I got the mechanic to replace for about $100 among other minor imperfections. All in all, it wasn't in a condition that most people would buy even for a stop-gap role. I told Jen I wouldn't expect great things from Goldilocks and would be delighted if the car still runs by the end of the second year. (though I would be slightly disappointed if it couldn't last beyond her first year) Having said that, for a car that has been starting up every morning and providing a consistent 15km/L performance, $50 for a full tank that runs for 2 weeks, there was nothing to complain about.

I considered that if Goldilocks could survive for two years, my outlay for the car would be slightly over $1,000 per year. Depreciation you know. With all things considered, admittedly, $1,000 per year would still be a tad expensive for a 15 year old worthless car on the first glance. Still, say if I were to buy a brand new car for $20,000, to achieve depreciation as low as $1,000 per year, I have to be prepared to drive it for 20 years. Hmm, that will be tricky but can be done. The equation changes drastically though, if Goldilocks were to last well into her 4th year, further halving my depreciation to 500 bucks. To achieve the same level of spending with the brand new car today, I will have to drive it for 40 years. I don't know which sounds more impossible, that or getting my CPF 40 years later, considering the fact I am likely to be dead by then. Having said that, Goldilocks has already outperformed my expectations so wishing 2 more years of service from her would be unreasonable.

The dilemma is from this point onward, I have to make a decision to replace the car or spend hard cash on the bigger wear-and-tear items, such as worn tyres. Such items are unavoidable even if I buy a brand new car. After 2-3 years of car usage, changing the car battery or tyres is usually necessary, be it a brand new or used car. Writing this post helped straightening my thoughts, the dilemma was imaginary really. There is only one obvious best choice at the moment.

New wheels for Goldilocks soon. Let's see how far this takes me.


  1. Basic tires don't cost that much, mate ;)

    $80 tops, per tire. And they would last you at least 60,000km if your suspension and alignment is good and you rotate and balance every 10,000km or so.

    As you've pointed out, what I mentioned also applies equally to a new car. Though in New cars the suspension should be in good condition for at least 100,000km


  2. $1,000 depreciation a year! How I wish it's true here. To own a Japanese car here is at least $10,000 depreciation a year. After 10 yrs it has to be scrapped. What about the high road tax, parking and of course omnipresent ERPs all over the place? Here easily 10 times what you paying for a Jap car. Really langgar dah!

  3. oh dear. u don't want to know how much i've spent to fix up mine. and it's not over yet.

  4. If your car is a FWD Pyzar, you may be able to get by with 2 good quality tire for front wheels and 2 cheap ones back wheels. Assuming the tires are supposed to be 175/65 R 14 S the cheapest is $82 per tire but good ones range $100 - 120.

    The main problem with not replacing tires with same quality is that when you (supposed) to rotate your tires you can only change front tires with front tires and vice versa (which is actually not a big deal). The other thing is this bullshit expensive wheel alignment which can cost quite a bit depending on the tire dealer (which eats into your savings from buying cheap tires) $50 - 60. I dont recommend doing it all the time unless you are buying expensive tires and your axials have minor damaged or worn (and pull to one side).

  5. BTW

    I buy my batteries from NRMA Batteries who will deliver, install and remove the old battery.

    I usually buy the intermediate level battery about $130 or so; I think it has 24 months warranty and actually usually lasts 3 years or so.

    I do not find buying and fitting the batteries yourself is a lot cheaper, unless you really know what you are buying. The K mart or Supercheap auto have all these things, but you are only probably saving $20 - 30 if you are buying intermediate models (although you can save much more with top range.... which is probably a bit too much for a 15 year old car anyway)

  6. Unfortunately Singapore garment has decided to increase the Daily VEP for foreign cars per day entry of $20 to $35 ,$20 still not enough for this greed ? I don't understand the greed of Singapore garmen to solves all their problems by financial means,$35 x 20 days =700 per month x 12 months = 8,400 per year x 10 years COE = 84,000 K .

    Looks like Malaysians are paying 84K for COE for his Malaysian Cars to enter SG , more than current Singapore Cars are paying now of 65 K COE price to driving on his roads of 10 years .

    This definitely are too much on my Malaysian Made ,a small Proton 1.6 cc car that must be travelling my family to Singapore on daily basis. I' have put up the thought of ways to solve this problems of mine or by making it worthwhile of my $35 per day that starts effective by 1 August.

    1) To beat this SG garmen style of his Money Face , I must own 2 cars now , by using my small proton C.C petrol Car is not worth the $35 per day and I must justify the utilize it by using much Bigger, Comforts in style of Higher of at least 3,000 C.C engine above car on his roads.

    2) Either buying bigger car of New Hybrid car or CNG fuel car.(cheap fuel source to balance the $35 loss).

    3)Beginning, I'm thinking of UP- GRADING by buying New BIGGER Car in size like the New Merc, Audi or New BMW with Malaysian price tags around RM300K ,Instead of using typical $100K+ of small Singapore Jap car price(Malaysian cars without the COE definitely )but there's none of reputable of Bigger car c.c by its manufacturer with factory CNG fuel system .

    4)So my option, I'm now got a Tip-top conditions,second hand 9 years old MERC S320 L for only RM 70K ,that fitted with fully leather electronic seats ,with all Bullet Proof Glass Windows.The Last Owner is the Tycoon by chauffeur driven .Now serving at Authorized Merc Workshop, to do the top overhaul and changing all his computerized vital components and install with private CNG fuel system source beside its original petrol fuel.

    5) I'll spend another RM15 K in total. I thinks it worth every cent, Specially driving with STYLE and COMFORT for my long distance journey or Holiday within Malaysia as it not only to be use in Singapore roads.

    That's Life ,Live it ,with style when you're being bully or corner ,live to your fullest you can

    1. Its now Confirmed .

      Malaysian Garmen is preparing TIC for TACK as they are going to impose $20 per day for all Foreign Cars entering Malaysia within effective this year.