Berlina vs RAV4: End of the Road for Stargazer?

Just freshly scarred by my buddy's sudden loss of his dad to a road accident, it shook me to hear from Jen she got into a car accident after returning 3 missed calls from her. Anyone who just had an accident would not be in a normal state of mind. So I had to calm Jen down from her wild blabber to check if she was ok. Over the phone, she rapped non stop about accidents procedures, police reports, towing and Stargazer's inability to move anymore. I couldn't care less about the car or culprit. Anyone in my shoes would just cold hard cash into the bin right away in exchange for the well being of their loved ones. Moreover, I bought Stargazer for only $3,250. That was why I bought old cars, as that made it so easy to think of the heart first and not the pocket in times like this.

The guy who crashed into Jen's car was a fucking cheebye asshole. I wasn't saying that because an accident happened. It was the first thing he did and that was to blame Jen for the accident because he thought that road was supposed to be a 'no-stopping zone'. If I was right there on the spot, I would have show him the finger and ask him to go back to driving school. Be it the stop-zone, tow-zone or whatever fuck zone or outside the President's House, if there is a car in front of you, you stop. That was exactly what Jen had to do, to slow her car down to keep the safe distance from another car in front of her. The guy at the back apparently felt he had the right to play bumper car just because he thought it was a 'non stopping zone', whatever that shit meant.

Jen told me her car was only slowed down and did not come to a complete stop when the car hit her. I might not be a forensic car accident investigator it was common sense that the damage made on a moving subject would be a lot lesser than a stationary one with the same force applied. 

When I saw the pictures, I knew that wasn't a light bump to a moving vehicle in front. I wouldn't want to imagine the extent of damage if Jen's vehicle was completely stationary. I wondered if the guy even applied his brakes at all. If not, what was he actually doing while driving? Anyway, I couldn't give a hoot what happened to the cars. We dodged one here for sure.

Jen said she couldn't close both Stargazer's rear and driver's seat door. Apparently the wheels were obstructed by crushed materials and wouldn't move well anymore. The tow truck driver and a bystander who was kind enough to help Jen snap a few pictures after her phone went flat told her that Stargazer was probably going to be a write-off case. Unfortunately, the experienced tow-driver who had handled hundreds of wrecked cars by then would probably be right. Was that the end of the road for the little toughie? 

As for the lesson learnt, the buddy's reminder couldn't go wrong. Treasure the loved ones because they could be taken away from you anytime.


  1. Most Holden drivers are driving pretty reckless in Perth.

  2. Frankly, Rav 4 doesnt look too bad from the sole picture posted.

    Probably just need the car to be stretched out straight ... and that may solve most of the problem (in case the langa driver default on paying)

    This is one of the reasons that you should install a dashboard camera (one that record front and back) so that you have the evidence all the time.

  3. Here it's 100% liability when you hit somebody's back. No need to talk or argue. Either you settle privately with the vehicle in front of you or risk police prosecution for careless driving. I curse whenever someone suddenly stops in front of me. Always remind myself to keep a safe distance just in case the front car decides to stop suddenly.

  4. Safe distance from vehicle in front. That's the way to prevent such accidents. Driving 101. Any other argument is invalid. Nuff said.

  5. Wonder if Perth has the same rule in terms of liability when it's a clear kiss-from-behind like Singapore. If they do then this isn't so bad monetarily though poor Jen had to suffer the trauma.