An Unusual TigerAir Experience

I fucking hate TigerAir and I will repeat this a thousand times if I need to. In fact, I even shared a string of sarcasm with Mr Yoda, the young Singaporean chap with a black Vios living in the East of Australia in that whatsapp group about how bad my TigerAir experience would be as I board my flight bound for Singapore from Perth.

As fate would have it, I had a giraffe learning kick boxing seating behind me, a hippo with a large bag of nuts chomping with no qualms of encroaching her arms way into my personal space and tons of fags rubbing their fat arses against me in that aisle seat. A crying baby would therefore complete the perfect storm in an A320. I had a torrid time and couldn't sleep a wink during my 4-5 hours of flight. Thankfully, we would not need to rely on TigerAir for our next return. It was just unfortunate that Tiger was the only viable option within a tight schedule like that. I touched down Singapore feeling like a rag being tossed around by the house cat. Thus, I understood how Brazil players felt at the final whistle.

On my return, I told the guy behind the counter at Changi Airport I needed the window seat. I told him I didn't sleep the previous night and exhaled my dragon breath to prove my point. Instantly, I got my demand fulfilled without a fuss. With a rare lucky star shining upon me, a middle eastern guy was seated on the aisle seat with nobody in between us. He even offered his pen without me asking for it. That might turn out to be my best TigerAir experience ever yet.

I had multiple runs of sleep, despite how I woke each time with extremely sore necks. I was tired enough and slept through the disturbance by plane crew carrying out their work. When I finally had it with sore necks, I switched on my mobile phone, realised I had one final hour to go and let out a sigh. It was then the little girl in front peeked through the gap to give me the brightest smile. I made a funny face at her to acknowledge her attention and she started talking to me. I had to strain my ears because of her soft accented voice where fighting against aircraft noises. She mentioned Peppa Pig and I lazily made an audible snort while my head was still lazily leaning against the body of the plane. The little girl giggled excitedly.

The rest of the hour was melted away by the non stop interaction of the little girl who even grabbed my hand later on to play silly games through the gap that separated us. Before long, the plane landed but the little girl continued to amuse not just me by then, but other passengers listening to her. The man sitting on my row began to tease her as well. It brought smiles to her parents as well as passengers nearby. It made the usually silent wait to be let out of the plane an unusually pleasant experience. I had never walked out of a TigerAir plane feeling that great though it had little to do with the staff or service TigerAir offered.

As a parent I have been asked about my plans on Albany. To be honest, I don't give a hoot about her academic progression so long as she grows up to be a girl who brings smile to people around her just like that little girl I met on the plane. I'll be a contented and proud parent if Albany turns out to be a sensible girl with a great personality. That'll be good enough for me.


  1. I have taken Tiger air to perth before. The aisle and the spaces between the rows of seats are very cramped. The experience was indeed uncomfortable.

  2. Hello Nix!! Satki yoda here i duno if my last comment got published... but yes, Tiger sucks, pls pamper yourself to some SQ or Qantas soon

  3. The little things in life is what makes this world a better place.

  4. (Re-posted since this did not show up the first time.)

    Dear Nix,

    Your words towards the end echo my heart.
    I hope the same too for my boys.

    The official word here these days reverses the previous social assumption: good grades no longer equate to good job, and by extension, happiness in this world.

    Now for the majority of parents here to upgrade their firmware to this changed reality.
    Those of us with the heart ware to recognize children as little people already updated at the start.