Singapore Revisit Log #4.1

I ended up sleeping in his car. He have been going around telling people I am a Sleep God because "I could sleep anywhere." Hmm, did that really happen on regular basis since our secondary school days? My memory is failing me badly. Unfortunately, I stayed true to his claims by falling asleep in the passenger's seat of his car before long, with warm rain drumming occasionally as my lullaby. Ironically, I have always been a light sleeper and hardly can sleep with the presence of a little light and noise. I have a better conclusion. When one is pissed tired, one is da Sleep God.

Little did I expect having to drive in the car I was sleeping in before long. It was a last minute decision, after we realised he had duties to perform. Many of us in Perth tends to think driving on Singapore roads will be a nightmare after we got used to driving in Perth. So for almost 3 years, I did not touch a steering wheel during my revisits in Singapore, not that I really had the chance to do so really. So driving on the SG roads groggy with (even more) messy hair, un-brushed teeth, sticky skin and stinky body was interesting. Interestingly, I took it on like a duck to water, though Uncle Wong might not necessarily agree from his perspectives as the following car behind me. Perhaps they should call me the Car God as well.

I was glad that the organisers knew exactly what they were doing. Their efficiency gave me the opportunity to accompany my friend all the way till the very end. The initial plan was to go as far as I could until it was the time for me to check in at the airport. Uncle Wong kindly dropped me at Changi Airport in his own sleep deprived state with half an hour to spare before I was supposed to check in. I was still in sombre mood alone in the airport. It would be ideal if I could stay around a day more but that was the best I could do in such circumstances.

Changi Airport was amazing as usual, bursting with vigor and excitement. It wasn't difficult to see how easily tourists fall in love with our country with an airport like that. I finally bought my first meal since my short return and ate it while hearing people discussing about the Brazil slaughter in awe. Just a simple meal of Mee Rebus and a cup of teh. Before long I realised my gate was on the 'last call' status. When I realised I got my gate number wrong and how fucking far the correct gate was from my location, I had to sprint a long way with Jen's voice in my mind telling Albany 'Don't run after you eat!' The security guy who did my scanning saw my face and told me, 'Relac brother.' I missed Singapore for things like that. It has always been a pity the other aspects just don't work out for me.

The Ah Lians in wild tiger striped uniform welcomed me to their den that stirred the cautraphobic in me yet again. I slummed to my window seat and slept even before the plane took off. All hail the Sleep God.

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