Goldilocks Servicing

I couldn't remember when was the last time I did an oil servicing on Goldilocks. Since I don't like pasting stickers or keeping memos, I reckon the next best thing is to write in here. I will simply search for the term "Goldilocks Servicing" a few months down the road and results will tell me if it is due. There is no reason why else a man needs a blog for. I remembered the last time I changed the engine oil, I poured honey-colour liquid in but surprisingly when I drained the sump today, thick, rich kopi-o flowed out. So we have a processor that turns honey into coffee, I'm not sure if that is a good deal or not.

As I didn't have a private garage anymore, my servicing activities would be within public sight. So I had to take extra care not to disturb the neighbours who might have eaten too full, be it by making a mess, creating too much noise or exposing a testicle without realising it. Though Steph had given me a brotherly assurance that his garage was mine to use for the day should the need arise anytime, I felt just too lazy on a lazy Sunday afternoon to drive down to his place. Besides, I promised little Albany to take her to the playground prior to my work. Since I worked on Saturday morning yet again, Sunday seemed all too precious more than ever.

I didn't manage to wrest the oil filter yet again. The stubborn black thing simply stared back at me nonchalantly like Count Dracula. Since I didn't have a proper stake, I did my usual thing by driving a screw driver through the heart of Count Dracula. With that, I was able to manipulate its movements to my needs. Before long, the dark heart was removed and binned. The replacement process was such a breeze that I could even admire the last drops of kopi-o slipping out from the tank. So I stuff the drain plug back to her ass and proceeded to hydrate the system by pouring in new honey. The engine sounded less angry on the restart but the tire changing should be delayed much longer. Lazy, lazy, just feeling damn lazy.

The good thing was that the car shop decided to give me a free oil filter when I bought the oil. So my cost this time round came up to slightly less than $40.00 in total. Even if DIY isn't fun, it is certainly worth earning that mechanic's pay for once.

Date: 13/7/2014
Km: 224,000

Next servicing date: When I feel like it

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