Another Disappointment

I texted Stephen at around 3.30 pm. "Hey bro, free to drive me somewhere?"

Steph replied after a hiatus, "Sure, where do you want to go?"

Before I could reply, I received a call from him. He told me he was on the way from his office and would be arriving in 10 minutes. So I grabbed my money, all $3,700 of it and waited patiently outside. On a side note, I felt morally obliged to write this post, since there is a remote chance Steph's wife may be reading this. This will be the official documentation to explain why her husband went home late that night.

I was after a 2003 Honda CRV, 110,000km, asking for $4,000. The owner was in a hurry to sell the car. I was confident I would be able to knock down the price for a quick sale. In fact, I cancelled a viewing for another Honda Jazz to go for that instead at the last minute. I had a feeling my car search would finally end that evening. 

Steph turned up and started asking me what was the big deal. I explained to him that I got the "inspiration" and thought I could drive someone's car back that evening. He said, "Ok." and drove me deep into the city. The traffic wasn't good at all once we reach the city area. Welcome to the real Perth, asingaporeanson. You have been living in delusion.

We were greeted by a beautiful young PRC teen in a nice dress. The seller though, was her grouchy looking mum. Another side note for young men who might be reading this. When you choose a wife, always look at her mum and decide if you are able to live with someone that behaves and look like that in 3 decades. Else, quit while you can. Or you could take a big risk by betting your wife wouldn't turn out like your MIL. The odds are seriously against you and you will be a brave man to risk it indeed. I did.*

The CRV drove well, just like the way I like my car! Alas, before my test drive, I had already decided not to buy it. I spotted oil leaks around the head gasket area. I felt really disappointed because a CRV with a low mileage wasn't easy to come by at that price. The seller was grouchy as I handed her keys back. She was confident she would sell the car in double quick time because it was such a "good price." 

I seriously doubt so.

*There are some scares once in a while but overall so far so good.

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