Singaporean Car Seller

Right after I was finished with German kids, I called the seller of another Kia Carnival. I asked a few questions about the car and the seller suddenly popped a question, "Are you Singaporean?"

"Ya," came my reply.

"Oh! I am Singaporean too!" replied the seller, rather excitedly.

"When can I view your car?"

"I'll call you back."


We eventually meet at ..... where else but Canningvale, the suburb where I will never live in or near to. I am living dangerously close to Canningvale at the moment but it doesn't feel that bad with a huge highway separating the suburbs, giving me a comfort zone buffer.

The was leaking around the engine head like Goldilocks once had. So the deal was off even before I did a test drive but I did it all the same, so that I could find out how good or bad a Kia Carnival might drive. When I rev harder at Gear 3, it felt "shaky". I did not know if it was my clutch control or something about the car but that was my last draw. I could not buy that car.

Singapore chap, (I can't remember his name by now) was new to Perth, having migrated here close to a year then. He had 3 cars and was looking to dispose 1 of them. "I have a Honda Jazz that I am willing to sell too, if you want to take a look," he quipped.

"How much?"


"Maybe not," I replied.

"Food is bad in Perth ah? I miss Singapore food so much."

"I don't know. I cook and have my meals at home."

After the test drive, I had 10 minute chat with Singaporean chap by the side of the road. He was curious about what brought me to Perth and asked me how I felt about the usual issues Singaporeans are concerned about. When I told him I did not miss "home", he was visibly surprised and started prompting me questions such as, "Don't you feel strange with all ang mos around, no one that looks like us," or "There is a limit we can climb in work because the higher positions are reserved for locals," etc, to find out why his mental realities did not seem to affect me.

"So, you want to know why I don't miss Singapore at all?"

"Yeah. I'm very curious."

"Look," I circled my finger and had him looking around the environment around us. "What do you think we happen if we stop by the side of the road chatting like what we are doing now?" He pondered for a while as I interrupted his thoughts, "Motorists will stare at us and if the police is driving pass, we will be questioned or shooed away in no time."

"Look again over there," I pointed at a fine green belt in front of a row of houses nearby. "Tell me where can we find a shady spot of this quality where not a single human being in sight where I could have a picnic with you now or even sleep for an hour without being disturbed in Singapore?"

I continued before he could speak, "Tell me at what time of the year will we have this kind of breeze cooling us as we speak, in Singapore?" It was one of those fantastic breezy afternoons in mid Spring where it was cooling at mid 20 degrees Celsius with a clear blue sky. Singapore was facing one of the worst haze attacks from Indonesia in recent history as I made my point. "I would be hot, sweaty, feeling sick and frustrated if we are talking business the same way in Singapore by now. Won't you?"

"Well...." Singaporean chap went, "I have to agree with you but I kinda miss the vibrancy and vibe of the place. It felt more 热闹."

“又热又吵闹 for me,” I laughed as I shook his hands and bade him goodbye.