If You are Willing to get Your Hands Dirty in Perth for Cash

Don't start calling the poor farmer and hear me out first.

Strawberry season is over by now and there is no strawberry to pick. I saved this advertisement and planned to share with anyone who cares but I had forgotten to write about it and there you go, Spring is almost over. If you are into fruit picking though, you should be heading towards Perth Hills or Swan Valley to sniff around vineyards to pick grapes or farms with nectarines or even apples. They will be the ones with the jobs in Summer.

The reason why I recalled I ever wanted to write about this was that Dodgymi visited me this morning. He have been doing pretty well since the last time he worked as a casual worker in my company. He started working as a farm worker, harvesting farm to farm wherever work was. Now he managed to assemble his own team and started sub-contracting harvesting work from farm owners directly. He came to ask me for advice on how he should handle his payroll, tax and staff matters. Perhaps I should not call him Dodgymi anymore. Not yet. Perhaps not yet, since he was still hiring the odd illegal worker now and then. Don't get me wrong. I don't stand on moral high ground. In fact, if anyone knows me well enough, they'll know I am as dodgy as Dodgymi when I have to. The world, by the way, is neither white nor black. Only the wise understands the power of being grey.

Anyway, Dodgymi has officially told me to send anyone who wants a job and is willing to work at a farm. He is willing to pay $15 an hour. Don't worry about the nickname I give him though. He'll pay you for your work on time. Or I'll get him for you.

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