Missing in Action Because

Days flow away when one is idle, don't they?

Over the weeks, I have been receiving reminders from people at random timings about my absence, or rather, my failure to update this site. I counted about 5. The regular visitors to this blog may have dropped from 10 to 5 but it doesn't matter.

The past few weeks might have been the most interesting weeks of my Perth life so far. In fact, there was probably enough things I could write about at least once a day. I didn't, because I was lazy. Another reason, perhaps the more meaningful one, was that I wanted to immense myself entirely in the events, without any distraction. For the 5 of you who missed reading bad grammar and grouchy grouses, you will get some this week but there isn't a guarantee when I'll sink into a brain dead state again. It probably isn't humanely possible for me to catch up on posts that are missing for 49 days but I will do some on the experiences during these weeks and I'll let you vote for the topics.

During my absence, I

looked at flowers (it's Spring time in Perth)
walked on sand
soiled my fingers
was tormented by pollen
sweated for first time in months
hitched a hike
bought a fish

Please let me know what do you want to read most out of these exciting topics.

You know what? I cannot figure out about what they said about boring, boring Perth. I was asked several times that how could I, being a non-native, ever survive 4 years here without being bored to death. It was a question that I spent afternoons staring at occasional passing cars pondering over. If this is a boring place, why do I feel more excitement here on each passing day? Well, the reason is quite simple. Have you heard of how a bully is usually a coward within? Just like how the insecure sees the need to control. The spiritually weak sees the need to congregate. The morally starved sees the need for an endless accumulation of money. Just as a competent manager will bring success to any organisation he joins. It isn't about the place or people. It's really about the individual. Boring people needs to be entertained.


  1. One of five request a write up about the fish or what happened to it. Maybe you should take up fishing too ;)

  2. More than five. Some just wait patiently. Because a lack of writing could just mean more living.

    Write about all the topics!