Compassion is Not a Weakness

Just ignore this post as it doesn't concern you. There is a need to do a self reminder and if anything is of any use to you, good for you. Otherwise, just move on buddy. Nothing to see here.

Don't be distracted by the words "too kind" being used on you. That would be what I call "circle speak." That is a good mix between sarcasm and hypocrisy. An attempt to provoke you to do his bidding to prove you am not what you were labelled. As far as I'm concerned, being "too kind", or compassionate to others is not a weakness. In fact, it should be something anyone should be proud of. Whether the others have been taking advantage of your compassion is a non-issue. That should never compromise what you believe in. Never forget that. Never forget for every problem, there are a magnitude of solutions and a variety of workable frameworks. Do not ever be convinced that there is only one solution to a problem. For that is a solution that your aggressor wants, hidden as an amusement to an illusion of your weakness.

A man who bears grudges reflects badly on himself. There is little doubt. Do not ever get caught in his game. That is beneath your level. You have worked yourself beyond that. Never forget or look back, much less engage in the world of pettiness. That is a game for small men, with plenty of time that you do not have.

Never second guess others. Leave that to small minded bitches that polish their nails in the office and spend the rest of the time gossiping about their second guesses of the others. If you have time, it will be better spent on sleeping. If you want to truth, seek them right from the source. Never second guess and never rely on hearsay. 

When you receives information from the source, always give them the benefit of doubt no matter how skeptical you are. Always remember, no one thinks the way you do. So never be egoistic enough to expect everyone to adhere to your so call standards. If a man is man enough to give you an answer straight in the face, work with him with that information because whether it is the truth or not does not matter. That is the only information he wants you to have. And here to recap, give the benefit of doubt, do not second guess, do not bear grudges, speak what you mean and mean what you speak.

Never be ashamed of your compassion. It is not a weakness. Do not ever let anyone convince you otherwise.