Senior Aerospace Engineer Looking for a Job

Hi there,

I have started reading "asingaporeanson" recently and have found it most interesting and insightful. Thank you for the generous sharing rendered coupled together with the many beautiful pictures. I have started reading this blog due to intentions of moving to Australia from Singapore for both work and hopefully long-term settlement.

I have an ex-colleague who managed to secure a job in Australia while he was still residing and working in Singapore. The employee in Australia applied for him an Employer Sponsored Visa, Subclass 457 prior to his departure to Australia. He has been working in Perth since then and together with his family, they are in Australia for 8 years and counting. I did speak to him in details on his method to secure a job in Australia while he was still residing and working in Singapore. According to him, he found a suitable job online via, applied and was eventually offered a job together with an Employer Sponsored Visa, Subclass 457.

I started the same approach with applications of suitable jobs via since mid December 2015. Till date applications were unsuccessful in contrast to what was experienced by my ex-colleague. I am hoping with the start of 2016, more suitable job opportunities would surface and the chances of a successful application higher. However based on readings I did online, I do understand the chances of securing a job in Australia while one is still residing and working in Singapore is extremely slim. In order to increase the chances of securing a job in Australia, I am considering to invest in an application for Skilled Nominated Visa, Subclass 190 which would cost over S$3,000. If assistance was to seek from an immigration agent, the total costs would increase to over S$10,000.

I was hoping if you could recommend me to your strong network in Australia for any suitable job opportunities. My profile could be viewed via you again for the assistance and also for providing the extremely well-written "asingaporeanson". Cheers!

Kok Meng

Hi Kok Meng,

Truth to be told, I do not have a strong network in Australia. In fact, if I lose my job today, I am clueless where my next job is going to come from. For another regular guy who spent 4 years in Australia, blogs and connects with people online, they will likely to have built a good network like you mentioned. Unfortunately, it's me. I would be happy if I don't make more enemies than friends.

Having said that, since you have given me the blessings to post your details online, I will gladly do it. Though this is very unlikely to give you any edge in your job hunting, it has done little miracles before. I wish you all the best.

My wife and I had done three immigration applications to date. One for herself (skilled), one for myself (spouse visa) and a recent one for my mother-in-law (parents visa). We were lucky enough to have all three application approved on their respective first attempt without the use of any agents. This is not to say that I discourage the use of migration agents. They are your best bets when you have no idea what to do or where you stand. I understand not everyone has the time or patience to wade through a vault of information to figure out to find the key. Thus if spending excessively on migration agents is a concern, you may want to consider taking it on yourself.