Fat Ass

This post will probably offend some but it has to be written for selfish personal reasons. I realise, for me to do something mechanically, maniacally, I have to put things down in words. For some reasons, the mind, especially mine, has a way to cheat itself. It has the natural tendency to self soothe and that is not particularly good when it comes to my problem - excessive fats.

I can hear the loud groans, especially from the direction of the Grove. For these folks will threaten me with pinches and punches whenever I said I have a weight issue. For I do not "look fat," to them or at least as compared to X or Y individual. However, that isn't how things work. The only barometer is my work pants. If it is tight, it ain't right. Whether or not my friends think I am fat shouldn't be relevant, because they are not there to assist me to take a deep breath when my tummy spills out making it a challenge to do so when I'm driving. While I have accepted how unsightly those excessive fats look the past year or so, my pants button does not. 

The simplest solution is of course, alter or replace the pants but a straightforward solution does not always mean it is the wisest one. Not only that makes me even more pissed poor, it also gives me the inevitable right to achieve greater ... width. If there is any wisdom I've gained in life all these years, that is never to buy bigger pants. Instead, work to get back to what we used to be. We can never look better or get younger but staying in shape is definitely possible.

In all fairness, I shouldn't be considered as fat, even by slim and fit specimens such as Encik G, the tourism ambassador of the Northern Territory. He is the type who cycles, run, eat only nutritious food in moderation. Most importantly, he is consistent. That is how you remain in shape forever. Consistency requires discipline. Discipline comes with our courage to admit we have a problem and our willingness to do something about it.

And that is something I need to establish right today. I must and I will get in shape and end the year much fitter than I was in last year. Getting fit should be the primary goal. Slimming down is the by-product, the reward of treating our bodies right be investing our time and effort. Downing chocolates may be a scientifically proven way to brighten up one's mood but it is also a lazy one. For an ill-disciplined person like myself, that cannot lead to any good. I will find myself low in spirits needing another cracker or chocolate bar boost soon and often enough. It is time to stop this shit.

As I have lost quite a lot of weight time and again in different period of my life, I know what exactly works. Contrary to common beliefs, it is actually easy to lose weight. In fact, it is almost guaranteed, just as eating at will guarantees weight gain. Weight gaining is actually slower than we think. It takes more time than we notice and it certainly takes dedication. We can lose weight at the same rate or even faster. The problem is, the weight gaining process is much more enjoyable than the weight loss one. That is the difficult part - to overcome the mental challenges. Otherwise, losing weight is really a natural process if things are done right. Like I said, it is guaranteed.

The rules are simple:

#1: For beverages, drink only plain water and nothing else 

It is the #1 rule for many reasons. If this can be followed, that is half the battle won. It is harder than you think. Spread out the drinking sessions, a few times a day, 500 - 700 ml each time. Don't worry about the extra toilet sessions. It's part and parcel of the thing.

#2: Sleep a lot

Sleep 8 hours a day or a few more now and then.

#3: Eat a lot

I used to be able to keep myself feeling full all day while keeping calories count to under 1000 a day by selecting low calories but nutritious food and eat them by the bulk. It isn't easy to do it at first because who the fuck count calories right? However, it will become second nature after a while. Eating like that is easier because it gives me the flexibility of eating one small piece of forbidden food and suffer hunger for the rest of the day or eat more of certain food and end each day without feeling hungry. Soon enough survival instincts will take over and choose to fill the stomach any day. Taste buds will evolve and become more sensitive than usual. So food that usually taste bland will taste sweeter or the natural taste of the food will start to satisfy. A friend of mine tried eating oats without milk or sugar said it tastes like vomit. It really isn't and it won't, after adequate persistence. Our bodies need time to beat off sugar addiction before our taste buds will adjust. Even lettuce can taste (very) slightly sweet by then. Patience is the key.

#4: Get the lazy ass moving

Exercise. I don't think any particular exercise regime is important. We exercise and build up muscles, not a particular set of muscles but as many as we can. Stretch often to feel good. Lastly, do stamina building exercises. The logic is simple. The more stamina we gain, the longer we can go on the next time.

These are guaranteed to work. I lost a lot of weight, felt a lot stronger. Breathe well and feel sharper in the mind (even with less sleep on certain days). Tried and tested.

Drink, eat, sleep and have fun. Couldn't be easier. Just got to get my lazy fat ass up and moving . I'll see you there soon.

Here is a lettuce for you