3 More Months

I called Angie the other day and said, "You guys are not going to make it at this rate."

Pic taken by Angie during her last trip
I was told they have to deliver the last orders, return the business premise, liquidate their business assets, clear out their house to put it up for rental, migrate to Australia. I have been reminded that Lex is coming in the first week of May. With 2 kids to handle and a very busy work schedule extended way into weekends and late nights, 3 month is a challenge to tick all deliverables.

It takes time to liquidate a business, probably even more to empty out a house to get it in rentable condition. Perhaps I am doubting the wrong people. Their working efficiency is legendary. I still find it incredible it was less than a year, only 11 months [link] ago when Lex visited Perth for his 3 day course, with no intention whatsoever to migrate to Australia one day. In 3 months' time, the advance party will arrive in Perth, by hook or by crook. They are the experts in handling tight schedules. Mortals like me will not be able to comprehend their prowess.

I feel a bit nervous. They are my friends and I wish them a successful emigration. It'll feel doubly sad if they struggle in any aspect. Obviously I will help them settle down by sourcing for a car and a safe place for their family to stay. I'll give them tips in coping with the adverse weather changes over a year and where to go to get stuff and so on. My assistance are limited to these minor things. I can help make it easier for them to cope with their new environment but the main thing - their livelihood - is in their own hands. I wish I am influential enough to help but regrettably ... At the end of the day, that is the deciding factor if they will still be in Perth the next year. I certainly hope so.

Angie told me my help so far have won myself a lifetime yearly photoshoot of my family. Wow. I've gotta start looking for a hawker to help out. It's too early to talk to about thanksgiving shit. Let me do my part in May to get their car, rental place and keep his husband alive before she arrives with her 2 boys first. It'll start to get cold by the time. Winter is coming. Brace yourselves Angie and Lex.

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