Will Judy Return?

I called Judy the other day while making a delivery because she was probably the only one free to talk to me at that timing. She sounded the same, jovial and all. When I learnt that she had not accepted her job offer in Singapore, I was surprised. I heard it is kinda of bad job market in Singapore lately. So having a company willing to wait out for months for your decision speaks volumes. If I were in her shoes, I would have grabbed it right away. Speaking of which - let's hope I won't be in her shoes one day.

It isn't an everyday thing that a job lies waiting for you. She can almost make a seamless transition back to the SG working routine again without going through a frustrating job hunt episode. I mean, isn't what many overseas Singaporeans fear about returning to Singapore? The difficulties of getting a job and so on. So why the heck is she hesitating on the opportunity?

Judy admitted she was still contemplating a return to Perth to finish up her course and "hopefully" get a breakthrough in her PR quest. Like I said in a post, this "hopefully" mentality has to go. Give it all or don't even attempt. I told Judy she has to put in many times more effort if she really does return. She should be 100% focused on nothing but achieving her goal. Absolutely nothing else. I am not sure if she understands me completely or is willing or able to do the necessary. I do understand, for some, failing is an acceptable option. After all, a return to Singapore life is not the worst thing that can happen to anyone, I have to concede. However, sometimes I feel having a cushy option to fall back on actually hold back one from going all out. Anyway, that is my personal opinion on how things should be done. There are others who have done it their own ways - and actually succeeded. So, it's your call man.

As a parent, I know it wasn't a simple decision. Leaving the family behind is a very tough thing to do. Over the weekend, I had the privilege to have Fiona and Cedric over the lunch, only to learn that it was a lucky timing because Cedric happened to be in Perth to visit his family. He had returned to Singapore to work a few months ago. Despite that, they seemed optimistic and cheerful as usual. I have much to learn from them, who have looked beyond the conventional way people have to live and found flexible ways to operate. M has also been living somewhat like an estranged wife for years yet it never dampen their family spirit. For Singaporeans, this is new but elsewhere in the world, thousands of families live apart for different reasons. Take for example, the doves of PRC wives leaving their country to take care of their kids studying in Singapore. Such arrangements may be undesirable but it is plausible, depending on the motivation behind it.

Once again, Patrick and I have differing opinions on this. Patrick was encouraging and thought Judy should at least complete her course, before anything else. I felt Judy should not return because she does not seems to have the full support from her family. Unless she can get it, things will not end well. Meanwhile, I told Judy if she does have a change of mind, I will still be able to get her room and bath nice and ready on time. Lex, who is migrating in May using my room as first base, shall be relegated to the study room if Judy returns. First come, first serve. Sorry bro.

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