Still not 40

My alarm did not ring and I was late for work.

I sprained my lower back at work.

Had to be on road for 4 hours in heavy rain.

When I finally returned, Mr A asked me if I was planning to rip off the fucking pallet to inspect the goods. No, Mr A. It was 15 past my knock off time and I had got children to pick up.

Bathing the boy was not fun. Not fun. With a back absolutely wrecked. Fed the boy. Fed the girl. Fed myself. Set aside meal for wife returning from her PT job.

I was sang a birthday song with my boy on my lap, wincing in pain half the time. Judy's stay with us had made Jen a better baker. the product wasn't perfect but it was much better than her previous attempts.

I need an early rest tonight. The wife has promised a hard rub on that wrecked back. Hope she does or I will not be able to turn up for work tomorrow.

It isn't all that bad.

I have a great family who love me tremendously.

At least I had cake. 

At least I have 5 friends who remember my birthday without Fuckbook's reminder. That's better than 500 meaningless acquaintances to me.

At least I am still not 40 fucking years old.

I hate birthdays. At least this one is going to be over soon. Here, to my next 364 glorious days.