50% HP

"Life begins at 40," they say.


How many of us really believe we can live to 80 and beyond? How does the final decade of our lives compare to the decade before we hit 40 years old? It isn't even a comparison. One is putting the second foot in the grave and the other is the peak of our life force. Thus even if some of us can live till the ripe age of 100, we would be - at best - at 50% HP by 40. In human speak, we would have expended half of our life forces by then. If you life begins at 40, it must have been a rather wasteful one.
That's about how much you have left

Some of us actually count the final decade of our lives as 'living'. Really, this isn't a cup half full or half empty argument. They call it the sunset years for a reason. We are dying at that age. Fact. There is no point calling it otherwise. I cannot see better things life can offer by then, at least in comparison to the prior few decades. We don't really have as much time as we think. Yet, where do we set our priorities? When organs are falling apart or have gone missing, joints are creaking badly if not functioning is not entirely ceased yet, I wouldn't say anything we have gone after in our entire careers make much difference by that stage. Money? Why delay the inevitable ....? Achievements and glories? Insignificant. 

Truth to be told, there isn't much time left. If you have 50% HP left with a lifespan of 80, all you have is another 3 decades of living to do, before you start your wobbly stagger to the grave. 3 decades. That's how short it is. Some of us may die even younger at 70, in which we'll have even less left to live. As far as I know, many of us have already decided to live those years as living dead, working to no end, seeing no light and day. Now, for those who decide to live that short 2-3 decades, how much are you willing to give up ? What do you really have to fear? After those years are gone, so will you. All will come to nought. What is there to be fearful or worried about? 

Why do we have to wait for a friend dying of terminal illness to tell us to live life to the fullest? Isn't that obvious enough?  Why do we have to subscribe to the axiom that we have to keep working at peak output for the rest of our lives?


  1. 50% HP can kill 100% HP de boss :) it all depends on the party and map.

  2. Thought provoking!!