Gate Done

The side gate was finally completed after spending another few hours after work. It wouldn't be done without the help of Jen and Judy so all thanks to them. Jen spared me some time despite being busy with her chores. Judy cooked dinner. With my time freed, I told myself I had to try to get the shit done up once and for all. Jen must be the most relieved one when it was all done. She always wanted the compound enclosed. Most importantly, she didn't have to work with me anymore. She had to run about to fetch tools and hold up things while I cursed and swore at the bloody pan head crossed self tapping screws provided. I only want hex head self tapping screws, noobs! 

Due to that, I actually found getting the gate accessories installed harder than the fence itself. For the tiny bit of fence, after Jen leveled the U channel, I was on my own for the rest. Cutting up metal ....  a piece of cake. Back in my metal grinding days, I knew the skill would not completely go to waste in future. I still use my knowledge at work once a while. For little stuff to complete around a house, a little confidence with a sharp blade on an angle grinder can help a lot.

Slash. Slash. Slash. I didn't even mind sparks hitting on my bare shins. It was the first time I cut colorbond sheets. Quite easy to work with. In less than 10 minutes, my channels and sheet was cut. 

By the time Jen was out, the fence part was already completed. Judy called for dinner but I was desperate to fix the accessories and finish up the job for good. I was getting a little sick of it all. All I wanted was to complete it, pave the remaining area and start work on sorting out the garage. There is still much to do.

See (left), done. I think it looks awesome. I don't care what the others think. Finally, an enclosure. Is it time for a dog? Don't even think of it for now.

Did I really save any money by installing it myself? Well.... let's see. The original fence people who worked for the developer quoted us $500 for just a gate at the back. That was supposed to be the cheaper "cash jobs." They can go a bit lower than other professionals because some of them pinch materials from their companies. Anyway, we didn't take it up. If we were to ask for a quote to do a gate and a little bit of fence, I don't think I will get anything lower than $650.

My materials cost me $400? The savings is a little meh, nothing to be excited about. But hey, money is money ok. Besides, we usually need to pay to learn something so if people offer to give you $250 to learn something, wouldn't you bite off his hand? I'm not sure about you but I will.

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