Will I Ever Have a Dog Again?

Penny traveled pretty far from the south with her 2 adopted dogs to pay us a visit. She brought along some expensive windscreen wipers and asked if I could change them for her. 

"Wow, all the way here to change wipers?" I asked.

Penny told me it would cost her $150 to get her mechanic to do it for her. A visit to a local automobile parts shop ended up in surprise because it would also cost her $150 just to buy the wipers. I reasoned that the mechanic could probably buy the same parts at a 30% discount or something and earn that as his labour charge. It doesn't sound that bad for a few minutes' job.

So where did she buy the wipers eventually? Some online shop, for $75. Thus if I were able to remove the existing and clip on the new ones for her, she would save $75 there and then. Ya..... I know you are counting her time taken to travel and the cost of fuel. After all, we are all ngiao ji ngiao lan Singaporeans and so I know you too well. Well, for her trouble, she saw how the wipers were changed and probably could do it herself in future. That had to make the time and fuel worthwhile.

Actually, Penny's visit had little to do with her wipers. That was only the first couple of minutes. The rest of the morning and half the afternoon was spent catching up, lunching and updating us the statuses of her fine dogs. You know.... after so many pats on Thommo, waving to that JRT at Nou's Grapes, listening about Basil's antics, I felt the yearnings to have a dog of my own. Living with a dog was basically the story of my life. Apart of a few short hiatus in between dogs, I had the company of a dog throughout my life in Singapore. But then .... I was yet a father then .... and I am no longer the young energetic chap like the past. I know bloody well that adopting a dog is commitment for life, for its lifespan at least. Thus despite having some space Savvy Steve rented me and a large green field nearby to dash and roll with my potential new dog, I hesitated.

However, I can envisage a JRT calling the shots around the humble acreage in future. Ah, a little Summer daydream.

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