Ok, You've Been Good But Just Go

A random day, a random snap

It's a preference thing. My boss has been rumored to laze in his lounger outside his house at 40 degree Celsius with beer during the hotter Summer days. The locals and the Brits seem to love the dry heat of Summer. You either love it or hate it. If you have been lurking around the site during the past Summer, you will know I am not a big fan. I didn't leave Singapore for this heat.

Ironically, Summer brings out the most beautiful side of Perth on the camera. It typically records the highest number of cloudless skies. With intense sunlight, it often give the ocean a deep blue sheen. With gentle breeze from the west coaxing waves curls to splash upon the white sandy coast, it is a photographer's dream. On a day like that, even the hills look like an attractive preposition to the frames hunter. This Summer offers all that even the penalties. If I may be fair, the weather throughout this Summer has been acceptable, or even pleasant. It is undoubtedly my best of the six Summers I have spent here, the old birds agree it's the finest of the decade. With poor economy, monkey politicians and all, at least we are having a relief elsewhere.

The weather has suddenly turn hot this week. Autumn has arrived but Summer decided not to leave. The forecast suggest we will have to bear with the typical Singapore's weather for another week. Beyond that, the temperature range indicates Autumn. You have been pretty good, but just go already.

Autumn, it's time to train the body and mind.

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