How to Apply for Australian Permanent Resident Visa (Subclass 175)

**Important: Information provided is only accurate at the time of posting. Due diligence is recommended to confirm changes to the application requirements and procedures at

**Important update: New immigration guidelines from 1 July 2012 [read this]

**Author is not qualified to offer any form of migration advice, thus read this with a pinch of salt.

**The below article has since been outdated. To read about the latest guide (1 July 2013), go to "How to Apply for Australia Permanent Resident Visa (Subclass 189)" [Click here]

Skilled Migration Application (Subclass 175)


The original post "How Did I Get Here" was done on the 30th Oct 2011. That means I have been posting garbage, nothing really useful to mankind for 3.5 months. By the time I stop updating this blog, I hope to leave a small legacy that might offer some form of help, however small, to someone out there.

I will do so by writing this simple guide. It will not be awfully detailed because I'm never capable of producing fine work in the first place. But it'll be functional. In Singapore terms, we call it 'just pass'.

There are many types of Skilled Migration visas as shown in this list:

  • Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885)
  • Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) visa (subclass 886)
  • Skilled – Regional visa (subclass 887)
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 487)
  • Skilled – Graduate visa (subclass 485)
  • Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175)
  • Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176)
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 475)
  • Skilled – Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476)

Subclass 175

The visa that will be highlighted in this post is called subclass 175. It is one form of skilled migration, which is also commonly known as Permanent Resident Visa and it is probably the most visa that Singaporeans apply for.

Cost of application:

A$2,960 at the time this is posted. This cost does not include other charges like a health screen report, police clearance and the IELTS test.

Step 1: Qualification
Qualifying is simple though not easy. You'll need to fulfill 3 requirements:

  • are under 50 years of age
  • have competent English language skills
  • have the skills and qualifications that meet the Australian standard for an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

It is simple isn't it? The first 2 are probably not a big issue to most Singaporeans. The last requirement is the killer. Always check the latest Skilled Occupation List (SOL) as it changes often. Then check if you could chalk up 65 points, which is the current passing mark.

Step 2: Application

If you do not qualify there are obviously 2 choices from here:

1) Stand up for Singapore
2) Get yourself qualified

If you do, here are the next steps:

1) Apply through a migration agent
2) Apply on your own

If you choose 1), that's out of my scope. There are a good number of agents in Singapore who are more than willing to do business with you. Usually there will be a happy ending - at a cost that you have to be willing to pay.

If you are cheapo adventurous like me and decide to apply yourself there is another choice to make:

1) Apply physically
2) Apply online

You can't go wrong by following either systems faithfully. Do not play punk by leaving any information or documents required. This is not a school exam where you can pass by answering 9 out of 10 questions. You need to put in a 100% effort here or prepare to kiss goodbye to your A$2,960.

Both systems, though tedious, are well constructed. If you follow the checklist to a T for 1) or fill in all fields for 2), you'll be alright.

Step 3: Wait

If you are dying to get out of Singapore and leave for Australia, prepare to die. This one really tests your patience. Checking the status of your application is available online once you are contacted and provided a Transaction Reference Number (TRN). The initial wait can be unbearable. This isn't spending S$10 for the application of a HDB BTO flat after all. The stakes involved are higher. 

Once you are allocated a case officer, things will get moving. The officer will contact you to request for incomplete information (provided he/she hasn't dump your application in the bin by then) or missing documents. This is when your health check will be requested. The medical centre will be sending the report directly to Adelaide office on your behalf so all you have to do is to turn up for the check. However, you will have to send the police clearance yourself after you obtain it for S$50.00 (presently). After these final documents are received by the Australian office, your application will move another inch towards the closing stage.

Step 4: Result

If your visa is not approved, it's not a tragedy. You can always stand up for Singapore. If your visa is approved however, you'll be heading to the Australia Embassy in Singapore to get your visa. 

It is merely a sticker no bigger than a single page of your Singapore passport. It looks something like that:

A very costly sticker
Ah, once this sticker is pasted on the last page of your passport, you can start setting a date to make your initial entry, which is 1 year upon the visa is granted. Should you fail to make the initial entry, your visa will be forfeited.

So make that trip, get your feet landed in Australia soil, get that passport stamped at the custom, your initial entry is done and you are official a Permanent Resident of Australia. 


Wait. Don't be too happy yet. For the next 5 years after that, you must reside at least 2 years in Australia or your visa will not be extended at the end of the 5 years. There are some concessions about this but I don't want to talk about it in this post. Just remember - 2 out of 5 years. 

Good luck.


  1. will a diploma in tourism from mdis get me a job on aussie?

    1. Not likely. Some employers has never even heard of the polys in Sing. Remember, some employers are not adventurous enough to find out if the Unis in Sing (NUS and NTU) are of a good repute. Personally, I don't think employers in Oz will have even heard of mdis. (When I was studying in the UK, my professors have never even heard of NUS and NTU! If they in the academic field has never even heard of the 2 Unis, please rate your own chances carefully.)

    2. thanks for the advice

    3. I have been staying in australia for 3 years with 457 visa, how can i apply for permanent resident visa ?

    4. You pack up and go back home.

  2. Sir,

    For subclass 176, if my direct next-of-Kin is PR FROM adelaide, can I still ask him to get him to sponser me for a 176 visa for work in Brisbane?

    Please enlighten me, thank you!

    1. Hi Ellis,

      What is the relationship of your next-of-kin of you?

    2. My elder brother. He's been in singapore since June '10... That's around 1.5 years yea..

      I think he has like 3.5 years before he needs to go back to "recharge".

      Would his position be fine as my sponsor? Or need somebody more "australian"?

    3. He should be able to be a sponsor. If successful, it'll grant you a precious 10 points but you will still be required to hit the minimum 65 points to be qualified.

      This may be helpful for you to learn more about sponsorship

    4. hmm even though my bro has 1 year to "recharge" and physically in Sg?

      Could you give me a rough idea how long did you wait for your visa? From "first contact with your DIAC" to getting your sticker?

      Thank you sir!

    5. Hi, any idea if the allocation dates in this website reliable? We applied in July 11 online but still have not been contacted yet the website shows 9 August now...keeping our fingers crossed!

  3. isnt it changed to stay 4 out of 5 yrs by now???

    1. since when?

    2. I think jt misunderstood the requirements. after staying in Oz for 4 years, you will be qualified to apply for citizenship. The 4 years does not need to be in the first 5 years. There are other conditions attached to the 4 years. Check asingaporeanson's link above.

      Are you in Oz yet?

    3. oops, i thot i had already posted a reply, anyway, i wanted to say yes, i had the requirements mixed up. however, i would think the end aim would still be to want to achieve citizenship here. yes, E, I am already here in Melbourne :). JT

  4. Please note there are big changes coming for the Oz migration rules on 1 July 2012. My sincere advice is to apply before the date. If you can't chalk up the required points by then, it's better to consider other countries or wait till Oz migration rules changes again.

    Also, please do not wait till you're 50 to apply. After the age of 45, you get zero points for age. (It's practically giving free points for the applicant just because he/she is young)

    Check the Oz govt website carefully and check it often. Good luck to all potential migrants!

  5. just curious... they used to have retiree migration. do they still have that?

    1. yup Peck, still have. that's another category of visa.

    2. Tks. As they say down under, cheers mate!

  6. Submit your PR application b4 1st Jul 2012, after that will be under EOI and they will only invite you to apply if they think that you are eligible.

    I'm waiting for my 176 visa to be approved...

    Ray from S'pore

    1. may I ask what is EOI? Tks.

    2. EOI is Expression of Interest. In short, they will be following the NZ model.

    3. @Anonymous Feb 12, 2012 09:00 PM

      May I know which state you applied for?

    4. I have applied for state sponsorship from WA and they have already approved it, now waiting for DIAC case officer to review my application, did my police check, going for my medical check very soon.
      State sponsorship subclass 176 processing is faster than independent subclass 175 due to higher priority given to the state.

    5. How long it takes for 176? If my work experience is irrelevant to my degree, do you think they take into consideration?

    6. If not mistaken, 176 takes about 3-6 mths and 175 takes about 12-18 mths.

      Your work exp must be relevant to your degree, if not cannot consider under GSM.

      Thanks s'porean son, hope to join you soon in Perth!

      My biggest worry is still jobs. Rental in Perth not very cheap. But 2nd hand car is quite affordable though.

    7. Ray> if you don't mind, there are always menial jobs to tide you over while you find that proper job you want to do. rental should be manageable.

    8. Yes, I dun mind doing casual jobs till I find my perm job.
      Which suburbs in Perth would you recom for new migrants from S'pore?
      I have no friends nor relatives in Perth but I do have some in east and south states.
      I got my degree from Syd many years back but less jobs for my profession now in Syd or even Melb.

    9. @ Anonymous,
      Be prepared to look outside your comfort zone. There are plenty of options if you are willing. You may not boom and get rich, but it is very easy to live by.
      To answer your questions, suburbs south of the river would be suitable for people who crave for char kway teow. There are a lot more Asian groceries and eateries in the south.
      Closer to the river would also means more expensive. If you are willing to live a little farther out, the newer suburbs are very affordable.
      Amenities and facilities - no worries, every where is the sane and very self sufficient.
      Feel free to contact me if you have further questions,I will be happy to help since I am the "old bird" in Perth. (
      Maybe I will start a blog dedicated to helping Newbies from the Red Dot to settle down....HA HA

    10. Thanks Alvin for your old bird advice, haha.. I'm thinking to stay in suburbs of SOR too after doing my research.

      Yes, should help new birds from little red dot to settle down in Perth...


    11. Hi Ray,

      May I ask how did you apply for state sponsorship? Did you get a job offer, or just based on working experience?

      I am an engineer and have 2 years exp, while my brother just graduated (engineering also) I looked though the WA migration website and our engineering disciplines are listed

      Thanks in advance

  7. I have just submitted my application for class 175.I wonder which occupation have a higher chance of acceptance under Sol. I have about 5 years experience in automotive engineering. And now less than a year in IT software industry with a business degree.

    I read that you switch to civil and construction sector to gain a higher chance of qualifying for the visa. Wondering if I should go back to engineering job,I dun mind a working as a blue collar in Aussie.

    1. nel,

      from what I know, there is no such thing as a occupation having a higher chance. (That change will only come on 1st July 2012.)

      If you have enough points, it's just a waiting game until your application is processed. (I waited nearly 1.5 years.)

    2. cannot la....
      i switched because my dip was civil engineering. so i intended to apply via the civl dip + 1-2 years of related civil experience.

      back then this combi works because the agent told me so. but he also warned me rules could change before i could accumulate that 1-2 years experience.

      it's different now, so READ the current requirements and place yourself properly. if really buay zai, see an agent and hear him out. once u have a clear picture you'll know what to do.

      is automotive engineering in the SOL? if so, how about getting a related degree Pt, and return back to the industry to continue the years of exprience?

    3. anson,

      Err, I don think studying part time and continuing the years of experience will work. If I remember correctly, the professional bodies that do the certification will only count the experience after you get a degree. All work experience before the degree will be counted towards the diploma work experience. Meaning the applicant will have to apply as a technician. I may be wrong but please check the certification process carefully as a mistake means 3-4 years wasted.

      Whoa, seems like this post & topic is very popular. I don think your post has ever seen so many comments. hehe

    4. Dear E, if you are into comments, you've gotta see this post then.

      It's important to talk to that migration agent for not-so-straightforward cases. this post is just a guide. It's not all-mighty but it'll help the totally helpless by giving them a small start somewhere.

      you'll be surprised how many emails i get asking me 'how to migrate'. that's why i eventually wrote this..

    5. Oh dear..a little disencouraging to hear that. Automotive and IT business anaylst are both in the SOL. So i am wondering if overlap of experience counts. Thanks for the valuable input guys. Will read up and find out more in the meantime.

  8. Just as I was thinking of how to do so! Time for me to finally really go into teaching. ~ Joelyn Alexandra

    1. I am not lao shi! Hahah. I'm thinking of getting experience as a teacher because I'm sick of my industry. ~ Joelyn Alexandra

  9. Good onya! You are a legend! Can I link up this thread to a new blog which was started recently by a group of Overseas Singaporeans living in Sydney.

    1. Uncle Phil, you ARE the legend. I still refer to your site as I cook. LOL.
      Don't worry about linking my stuffs. I don't copyright them and I don't believe in it. Why no one starts a group in Perth? I always see Sydney folks do get-togethers in a forum i frequent too.

    2. I need your support to promote our new blog "Out of the Little Red Dot" and spread the word to other little red dots( my wife thinks this is a better name to call ourselves) around the world for their support in the voluntary accomodation/hospitality exchange.

    3. I've added the link in blogroll. i hope it helps a bit. i'll learn more about the blog and perhaps write something on it. Red dots? more like swallowed the Red Pill hehehe

  10. i'm in the biosci demoralised it's not in the sol list...shall stay behind to defend sinkapore or work harder to save enough $ to study in oz... :(

    1. It is not the end even though your specialisation is not listed on sol. While planning to work harder to save enough $ to come over to further you studies, you can try to land yourself on a job and get the employer to sponsor a 457. There is a list of openings on

    2. sorry to burst ur bubble. But when they see that u don have a pr/work rights, they usually won't bother. Most employers are lazy or don understand the process enough to offer the sponsorship.

      One area to target could be the mining towns or those close to them. In these areas, the workers are all rushing to work in the mines, leaving the other industries short of staff. (Supermarkets, car serving, bakery even Mcdonalds)

      Be warned though, the pay isn't comparable to the mines and the living expenses are very high. (Not to mention crime rates and drinking problems are higher too.) Wouldn't recommend it unless your single or there are no other options.

      Most of all, keep an open mind. You may end up in a totally different job that you have experience for, using skills you never thought you have.

      Good Luck to all!

    3. If not mistaken, S'pore is not one of the nominated countries for 457 visa.
      The most common pathway for S'poreans is either 175 or 176 as they are perm visa.
      The other pathway for S'poreans is 475 but it's a temp visa which is not advisable unless no choice.

    4. 457 is also a temp visa and there isn't list of nominated countries as far as I know. Once you meet the residency on your job (2 yrs for 856 and 6 mths for 857) and other requirement with the 457, you can get your employer to sponsor you for a 856 or 857 perm visa.

      E is rights that most jobs advert will state that applicant must have PR/work rights, but I would encourage anyone who are serious about moving here to just write in and apply. Apply to MNCs or universities, they are more open to employ someone overseas. Their opening will usually meet the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold – currently $49 330 per annum and some even provides relocation package.

      Other than those mining towns, there are also metropolitan cities (Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Darwin) that are considered regional and have priorities in the migration process. These place are good for family. Visa can be obtain via the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. If one go by RSMS, the fast one will obtain a PR status within a year from the day they start work.

    5. DotDownUnder,

      Can I ask where in oz are you now?

    6. I am currently in SA.

    7. Singaporeans can apply for 457. I'm on a 457 now. Please get facts right heh.

      Don't give up hope, can try for state sponsorship, your occupation might be listed there.

    8. Yes Singaporeans can apply for 457 visa. People might have mistaken work-holiday visa for that which Singaporeans are not entitled to.

  11. Alot of ppl WON'T PASS your points test if you HAVE NOT stepped foot on Australia.

    Please refer to the new points test for 175.

  12. Thank God i found this blog tonite. Thanks to google and asingaporeanson!

    Your explanation is very clear.

    I have been planning and planning to do the 175 application since 3+yrs ago, but i did not proceed. I was concentrating to my wife's pregnancy and our baby.

    Until 1-2 weeks ago, i was shocked by the plan changes from 1 Jul '12. Darn! More difficult to get to Oz!

    Oh ya, i would like to ask a question, and hope to get your view (or anyone else here): I am an engineer by degree (civil) and yes the skill is in the SOL. Understood that I need to have my NTU degree (before 2006 -washington accord) need to have competency check by Engineers Oz. And the closest IELTS test I can register is on 10 Mar (must go JB liao, Singapore all fully booked). With all this limitation,
    1.would I be able to lodge my application before 1 Jul 2012?
    2.When they say i need to lodge my application before 1 Jul, is it to Engrs Oz or to DIAC? As Engrs Oz needs min 12 weeks for clearing my submission with IELTS result included and IELTS result could be out only 24 Mar Onward.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Ted,

      I'm not sure if NTU degree (pre 2006) is under the Washington accord. I have a colleague who is also from NTU (pre-2006) and he had to do the competency checks.

      For NTU & NUS, the competency checks are quite laborious. They consist of a 3000 word report and at least 1 presentation to a expert panel. (Blame the IES for this. They refused mutual recognition.)

      But you can approach the eng aust for help. They have a local chapter in Sing.

      If you got your degree under a Washington accord uni, there is no competency checks. Just submit your degree and results. Can't remember if the results came back before the 12 weeks.

      When the DIAC say submit before 1st Jul 12, it means submit to DIAC before 1st July 12. They don't care how long you take to get your skills certified. (Bare in mind they have to handle all skilled applications, not just engineers)

      I would suggest you seriously consider getting some expert advice from some migration agent.
      Your time-line does look very tight and any slip-up anywhere means you would miss the cut-off date.

      Wow, I didn't know the IELTS is so popular now. Used to be easy to book.

      Hopefully these advice are helpful to you.

      Where are you planning to go in Oz if you're successful?

    2. Hi E,

      It's very useful indeed.
      Yup, i would like to see my past agent (tried to enggage them in 2008) again to seek for advice.

      I am not in the rush to move, just that i want to have this cleared before i am 40 (max 7yrs from now). I suddenly see it's urgent when i see the 1jul2012 thing. Seems scary. If really i can get the visa early, i'll probably move in 2014 or 2015 once my Flat MOP completed :)

      As far as I know, NTU degree before 2006 is not in washington accord (yes, it's becoz of IES). Then I really have to consult agent to get it to details.

      As for IELTS, yes. Earliest available is end of march for GT. Maybe there are too many potential migrant like me, hahahaha

      Thank you a bunch!

    3. Hi E,

      Looks like i missed one of ur q. I plan to head to Perth, or Adelaide. See where got job, hahaha

      And OK, will try to contact engineers Oz for clarification.

    4. Hi Ted,
      You can give it a try. Anyway just pay A$260 to get your degree and work exp assess by EA. But you need to get employment ref letters from your employers.
      Visa application cannot be lodged at DIAC without positive skilled assessment outcome from EA. Prior to that, you have to submit your degree, transcript and employment ref letters to EA without IELTS test results.
      I only decided to apply for Aust PR on 08 Nov 2011 and after 2 months of mad rush, I finally lodged my visa application on 18 Jan 2012 due to my age cut-off deadline.
      Most of your jobs should be in WA and QLD.

    5. Hi Ray,

      Thanks a bunch, Bro. I really see hope downthere.

      Please don't mind me asking a few qs:
      1. Do you engage migration agent? Any recommended one (preferably the one you use, if any, as that agent would have experienced handling this type of case, express)
      2.regarding reference letter. As I have been moving from one to another company (8companies i guess- nature of work, project base), which company should i asked for the letter? All? The company I written in CPD? Or...?

      Thanks in advance Ray. It was a great help.

      Oh, and yes, looks like i am heading to perth rather thab QLD

    6. Mine was an "express" case so have to engage migration agent.
      Depending on how many yrs of work exp you have for working in those 8 companies, max you can claim is 15 pts for more than 8 yrs of work exp.
      Your work exp must be relevant to your degree in order to claim pts.

    7. Hi Ray,

      I have in total 8yrs as per 2 months ago, all are relevant to my degree.

      I think I should consult an agent.

      btw, if you don't mind sharing your agent contact to me. if not comfortable in public (here), can help to email me at my address wesmant (at) gmail (dot) com

      Thanks a bunch, and have a good week end

    8. Ted,

      Just a word of caution. Not all migration agents are familiar with engineers. I've met some who haven't even heard of what CPD is. One agent actually claimed that the CPD is compulsory even for Washington accord unis and the CPD is to detail your work experience.

      Based on your timeline, you cannot afford any mistakes. Just choose the agent carefully.

      Good Luck in your application!

    9. Hi Anonymous,

      Thank you, hope I can make it.

      And Yes, I do not have room for mistake at all.
      That's why I ask if anyone would be able to share which agent and his/her contacts who can do this express job correctly for my case.

      sending direct to my email would greatly be appreciated too.

  13. My agent is James A Hall from Australian Migration Agency in S'pore.
    For more than 8 yrs of work exp, you can claim up to 15 pts but you need to get employment ref letters from all 8 companies which can be quite challenging.
    It is crucial that your IELTS test must get min 7.0 for all 4 bands, if not you will lose 10 pts but you still can go for state sponsored 176 perm visa provided that (1) the quota of your nominated occupation has not been filled up yet and (2) to claim partner skills.
    If not the only pathway left is probably going for regional sponsored 475 temp visa which is not recom.

    1. He was my agent too. I looked for him at his Albert St office (he since moved to Eu Tong Sen I heard) in 2007.

      He rejected my application, honest chap. Didn't take my money and he told me how I can get qualified. How interesting to see his name popping up again.

    2. I did mine w James too! Seems like a nice guy. Please say that he is reliable. ;)
      If he rejected your application... how did you pull it through? M

  14. Hi Ray,

    Thanks a zillion. Seen his name before in the net, will try to contact him by today, and see what can be done on my case. Wish me luck


    1. Good luck Ted. If u made it and chose to come to Perth, look for me.

  15. Asingaporeanson:

    Thanks. I've just started with him. First step he accept, now 2nd step, he asked my detail CV which I emailed him last nite. See how next Monday.

    If I can get to Perth, will sure look for you :) seems like we are in the same business (construction;))

    1. Hi Ted, yes, keep us updated. Hope to hear the good news from you soon.
      I heard the mining sector is looking for engineers so it may be possible to find good jobs for yourself here in Perth.

    2. Saw many online jobs ads in Perth required local work exp, wonder how to get local jobs if new migrants only have overseas work exp...
      Understand that better IELTS results will be faster for new migrants to land a job there.

    3. dun worry about the job first. settle the visa problem

  16. Hey ASingaporeanson

    Wow, u r really in the business of shifting Singaporean to down under huh. LOL.

    Well for those bloggers who are really keen with the migration idea. YOU NEED TO ACT FAST AS OZ is closing the door to influx of migrants,due to influx of PRC who is unable to blend into the English speaking environment. That's why, Immi changes the law for not granting any points for passing IELTS if you compare to the past record. Current rules is at least score 7 in all IELTS component, in order to gain that 10 points.

    In fact, when I apply my PR 175 in Jun 2009 through an agent, especially my wife is both an Indonesian and Singapore PR which is slightly complicated. Anyway our visa were granted in May 2011. It took 1yr 11 mths to get it. It was a period of uneasiness as we struggled with job changes and family planning. As my wife wanted to start a family in SG whereas I prefer to make it in Oz. Due to the kid's future NS crappy obligation, as a Singaporean boy when turn 18.

    Now my wife and I have a sigh of relief. At least, we can plan for the next step. Hence for those who is contemplating act fast. It doesn't matter which road you took. Agent or Self application. At the end of the day, it is the Visa you are after. Do be very careful when looking for an agent. There are some crappy ones around who promise they get expedite the process. It is nonsensical.

    Every application is assessed by the Case Officer based on the applicant's merits and the latest changes in Oz Immigration Law. I had known of people who self apply and manage to get the Visa granted within a year due to better IELTS scoring and priority processing changes.

    Hence good lucks with the adventure.

    1. Current rule need to be fine tuned as DIAC indicated that min IELTS 6.0 is considered as "competent English user" but no pts can be claimed if below min 7.0 for each band.
      What about those who can get overall 7.0 but with 6.0 or 6.5 in 1 out of 4 bands? Dun they deserve 5 pts instead of 0 pts since they are also "competent"?

    2. Hi,

      please don't say that I'm shifting singaporeans elsewhere or ICA will brand me as a terrorist very soon.

      Congrats on getting your 175 approved. I can see that you went through a very similar emotional roller-coaster ride like i did.

      Good luck, if you choose to come to Perth, contact me when it comes

    3. What about those who can get overall 7.0 but with 6.0 or 6.5 in 1 out of 4 bands? Dun they deserve 5 pts instead of 0 pts since they are also "competent"?

      I happened to be under that Category that u mentioned. My IELTS were 7 for all except 6.5 for writing although my occupation was in demand under SOL list. That y ,my application was delayed. As priority processing was given to those with IELTS 7 and above plus those occupation under SOL list. Despite of the fact, I apply earlier than my friend. She got it within a year.

      During my time, I still get 10 points but now I will get "ZERO". Whew or Heng ah..... Hence, through the new point system, it just indicate the IMMI OZ 's intention.

      As for ASingaporeanSon

      Glad to hear that I am not ALONE.

      I don't think ICA will brand u as terrorist but Counsellor Quitter (PM GCT famous phrase). Oops so am I junior. Haha

    4. Hmm to be honest, I kinda anticipated stricter requirements that why i was in a hurry to do it in 2007. i kept pushing and pushing my wife and we almost had a quarrel at some stage. glad we pulled through.

      the reqs are so hard now. could be worse in time. never wait if you have the intention to apply for you may be disqualified in no time by just doing nothing.

  17. I just remembered one saying: quit before you lose.

    What's the matter with quitting? If you know you're not gonna make it.

    Please define "make it" as extremely good :)

  18. Hi guys, Asingaporeanson, Ray and all.

    You guys are right about James A Hall, very straight forward. First cut of his assessment, he already said that I am underqualified. Fortunately, he's willing to have a meeting next friday to how.

    Wish me Luck!

    1. Wish you luck brother. Whatever it is, keep us updated. That chap is trustable. He won't take yr money and apply for u if he is not confident.

    2. All the best, Ted!
      Wish me luck too, still waiting for my application to be approved after done with my police and medical checks.

    3. Just got my 176 visa approved today after less than 1.5 mths! Didn't expect it to be approved in such a short time.
      Perth here I come...

    4. What's your occupation Ray? Must be something in real demand

    5. Yes, in demand now. I am from the sunset industry in S'pore, hopefully not sunset over in Perth, haha...

  19. Hi, any advice for a family with 3 small kids like where to visit and where to stay as we plan to make our first initial entry to Perth during this Sep school holidays after getting 176 visa label sticker on our passports recently?
    Things to do during our first visit besides applying for TFN and bank account? We are thinking to visit the family assistance office to see how much family tax benefits we can get. Which bank do you recommend to open account?

    1. how long are you going to be here Ray?

      If this is your initial entry and you are planning to make the real move only later, you can skip the TFN and bank account part first, though you can do so if you want. If so, do the medicare accounts for yourselves as well.

      You can choose bankwest or anz because of the availability of tellers but it's up to you. Any bank looks safe to me here.

      Where to stay and where to go will depend on what you wanna see and do for this trip

    2. Just a few days over the weekend.
      Yes, it will be our first initial entry after getting our visa grant.
      Heard from my agent that medicare only apply when making the actual move.
      I have never been to Perth but had been to Syd, Melb, Canberra, Brisbane and Gold Coast, so I really dun know what to visit and where to stay in Perth. In fact this trip is more for my wife and our 3 young children.

  20. Hi Singaporeanson, your site is of great use for us planning the step ahead to get the Oz PR. We r both 41 with 2 kids 8 and 11, and are both teachers. Hubby a computing JC tr and I am an adjunct English (8-14hr/week) lecturer in a poly. The reasons for obtaining the PR are:
    1) looking for a new adventure in Oz to experience the Oz culture
    2) experiencing education systems in Oz tru teaching jobs
    3) having to pay less for our post grad studies under the fees for PR instead of international students
    4) experiencing Oz life in general
    Are there any teachers from SG in our similar position n currently in Oz now? Have you met anyone who have obtained PR because of reason 3) above?
    We are very excited!!

  21. Is there any hope for me to get PR,I have diploma in information technology,15 years work experiance...or is there specific CRASH COURSE,I can take to make myself more suitable

  22. hahahahhaha ...
    Im at the 'prepare to die' stage!!! Its killing me.. just waiting waiting waiting!!!
    Wish me luck :)

  23. Hi there, I'm currently en route to completion of my degree in UWA, however my 3 year course, I was given 54 points of credit and as such I do not meet the study requirement of 2 full years, also in my last semester I went for an exchange to the University of Calgary. I'm not really sure what visa to apply for and who do I approach as my visa is currently expiring soon.I did do my ielts whilst in Canada though. Please help!

  24. Hi, even with Singapore Universities degrees, we still need to take IELTS test ? I thought if the assessing authority give positive outcome on my degree, it is already enough ? Must still have the IELTS score paper /

    1. Mine is Aust uni degree also need to take IELTS to claim points and min IELTS of 6.0 is required for my profession.

    2. Anonymous@15 June 2012 22:43 is right. Having a Aus uni degree means you are accessed to be equal to a IELTS point 5.0. If you want to claim extra points, you need to take the IELTS exam.

      Singapore Uni degrees are not accessed to meet competent English language standards. (DIAC requirements, not my views) IELTS exams/test scores is a must.

      There are two parts to the PR application. The skills assessments, (by the nominated professional bodies) and the proof of english language competency. (IELTS) There used to be an option to pay an extra $1k-1.5k (not sure of the amount) if you cannot meet any language requirements. They will enroll you in English language lessons when you land in Oz. (That's how many China nationals made it to Oz even though they can't speak even a word of English)

      Good Luck in your application.

  25. I have two questions to ask:

    1- Anybody can supply me with checklist for online application for visa subclass 175?

    2- If I will scan original coloured documents for online application, do they still need to be certified as true copy?

    1. Ans to 2 : Yes, documents need to be certified as to prove authencity. it is not the colour that matters.

  26. Hi everyone,
    I got my 885 back in Feb 2012 and am now enjoying life here. Woohoo!

    1. Congrats!
      During my time many years ago, international students whom had just completed their uni education had to return to their home country to apply for Aust PR.
      My life will definitely change and will not be the same now if there was 885 visa for me to apply then.

    2. It's never too late to start planning for migration.

    3. Though I have missed 885 but I have got 176 also in Feb 2012.
      If I have applied earlier, I could have got myself 175.
      Anyway, glad that I have got it now since both are PR visa but of course 175 will be better, no restriction.
      Correction, should plan and apply early for migration.

  27. Since it is now July 2012, the new migration scheme has been implemented. On top of introducing a new scheme: 'Skillselect', the SOL list has been updated. The biggest impact will be that individual occupations will be subject to their individual caps. Meaning if you are a ICT Trainer, once the fixed number people migrating listing ICT Trainer as the occupation has been invited to apply for Oz PR, the occupation will NOT accept any more ICT Trainers for PR application. (Even if the total number of places for yearly migration has NOT be reached. PR application is different from EOI)

    Interested readers can assess the individual caps at:

    There will be a monthly report on the statistics. The first report is forecast to be issued on Aug 2012.

    Check the 'skillselect' website regularly. Good luck to all potential migrants.

  28. Anyone here can advice - To renew visa for RRV, min 2 out of 5 yrs requirement should count from visa grant date or first initial entry date after visa was granted?
    Logically speaking should be from visa grant date?

  29. One of the first steps that millions of immigrants take every single year once they get settled in the United States is to attain a Permanent Resident Card.
    Also known as a Green Card, this card is in reality an immigrants “passport” to travel freely within the United States, work anywhere they want plus travel back to their country of origin and return to the United States anytime.
    And if your green card is expired, renew green card immediately.

  30. Heard from a friend in Aust that if you have only stayed in Aust for 1 year and 11 months before the expiry of your PR visa, you cannot renew your RRV for another 5 years even though you continue to stay on for another month to make up the shortfall of 1 month after your PR visa has expired.
    End up you can only renew your RRV for 1 year instead of a RRV for 5 years.
    Anyone here can confirm this info?

  31. Hi Guys,

    will a ACCA graduate easily make me get a job in aussie?

    thanks for the info.

  32. hi there,

    yea you can give it a try. ACCA is quite reputable and well-known ;)
    Good luck!!


  33. Hi asingaporeanson

    Thanks for this blog entry....sure is helpful.

    But I'm wondering as I do the 'finger-work' towards moving to another country. I've checked the latest SOL Schedule 1 and found out that Primary School Teacher is NOT in that list (they've listed pre-primary and secondary). Does that mean I shouldn't bother even getting myself assessed by the relevant assessing authority, or does it mean 'I can still try'? (Just fyi, my teaching qualification/certification is for Primary School) Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks & cheers....


    1. Any harm trying to get assessed?
      This is probably one of the key steps for skilled migration to AUS.

  34. any idea Ite cert Nitec equivalent to what in australia?

  35. Hi all! I need some advice on the Visa application. Its very complicated, i read through the visa website and the blog post 3 times and still not having a clue on the procedures.
    well, a bit of self intro first. Im a 24 yr old auditor by occupation, graduated from NTU accountancy.I dont have a CPA Australia. For the Visa application, what are the steps i should take? and., shld i take up certification for CPA Australia ( it will take prob 2 -3 years for me to complete it) .

    I just started on my job applications online through the various Oz job portals and directly to some accounting firms in Oz. But i think if im really keen in working in Oz, i shld first apply for a Visa rather than wanted for Oz company to sponsor me?

    Thanks so much guys!

    1. Aus accounting firms probably sponsor you a visa only after they can prove that they cannot find Aus people to take up the job after much advertising.
      Better apply the visa yourself, good luck.

    2. From my IT application experience, I had to first, get rated as a 'positive skills assessment' by the Australian Computer Society, which is their national authority on IT. For accounting, not sure if it's CPA Australia so go check it out on the SOL.

  36. thanks for the reply!Im intending to apply for a visa first. I read that the Visa application process takes quite some time.

    Have any of you gone true an agent before? i was wondering approximately it'll cost? the application process doesnt look simple, a bit worried of getting it wrong and wasting my time.

    I am need to weigh out the pros and cons!
    Appreciate all replies =)
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Migration agent fee before 01 Jul 2012 was similar to PR visa application fee.
      If your case is not too complicated nor complex or there is an age deadline to meet, you should go for DIY to save cost for your first entry to Aus as a new PR.
      Get your skills such as degree and work exp assessed by ICAA first, also you have to do your IELTS academic and score a min 7.0 in each band.
      Good luck to you.

  37. Even my ex-classmate who always regard SGP is the best place on earth has recently been thinking to migrate to AUS or even PRC.
    But he may miss the boat to apply as a skilled migrant due to his age unless his IELTS can score min 8.0 in each and every band to make up 10 pts loss in his age.
    I wish him best of luck in his AUS PR application so that we can together start a new life in AUS.

  38. question:I have a Philippine partner, we lived in the Philippines for 3 years,we have been in Australia for 8 months of a 1 year visitors visa and will be married (in Australia) in November 2012,we also have an 11 month old baby girl.WHY must she return to the Philippines to apply for visa/residency then return to Australia.This all comes about because there is a number on her visitors visa "8503".It defies logic to involve my wife in the unnecessary travel back to the Philippines (she will also take the baby with her as I will be working)apply for the visa then wait for approval and return to Australia. I am sorry for my ignorance but surely an exemption could be made for my wife and child to avoid being exposed to all this unnecessary anxiety due entirely to a NUMBER.
    Thanks for the chance to speak.

  39. Hi, I'm a SGian completing my Master program in Aus end of this year/early next year. I'm really very concerned about the current point ranking system as I heard that only the highest ranking ones will be invited to tender EOI. Currently, my point is only 70 to 75 points, out of the maximum possible of 120. Under the new sytem, what are the average points of those who did manage to get the visa? I will be applying under the SOL of psychologists. Anyone with any idea? Help!

  40. Also: I understand from an agent that people who are successful manage to get thru with about the same points as me (but under different job). But can it be possible for anyone applying under the new July system to get their PR just within these three-four months i.e. for the agent to know they are approved? Anyone with any idea what are the average points of people being ranked under psychologists SOL and who manage to get the visa? Thanks again!

  41. Hi All....

    please help me with the steps to apply for australia PR by my own..

    If any one has applied recently..Please let me know , it would be a great help for me..

    I am looking for skilled immigration category..

    can reach me on

  42. Australian Work Visa - Global Migrate

    Australian Work Visa Program is specifically tailored to encourage individuals with specific skills and capabilities to migrate to Australia to improve Australia's economy and work force.
    Australian Work Visa

    Contact us:
    International House
    39 Great Windmill Street
    Tel: +44(0)2079934762
    Fax: +44(0) 2076917969

  43. Hi.. we are expecting to get our 175 soon.
    I have a concern about my boy. He's 9yr old now.
    He is not required to apply exit permit until he's at least 13.5yr old.

    So.. if we go over, find the life is the one we really like, can he 'ignore' the need to apply exit permit when he reaches 13.5yr old?
    We would naturally apply Citizenship when the time comes.
    As our parents will still be in SG, we will still need to return eventually.

    Will he get into trouble with SG customs even if he holds the AU passport by that time?

    1. If not mistaken he will get into trouble when he returns to SGP if you as a parent did not go thru proper procedure by writing to CMPB before age 13 and by applying for his exit permit at age 13 even if he eventually holds an AUS passport.

      SGP born male citizens have been unfortunately discriminated by the enlistment act. 2nd generation SGP PR males regrettably do not have this problem.

      The only consolation probably is - you may not have to put up a bond of SGD75k as your son will be leaving SGP before age 13.

  44. Hi there, i would like to inquire about what is the best option for me. I plan to do my diploma of aircraft maintenance engineering at Kangan Institute in Melbourne which is a 2 year course and if I am correct, aircraft maintenance engineers are in the skilled list. I plan to work in Australia after my course, but first I must get an apprenticeship with an airline company. I have checked Qantas and apprenticeships are available only for Australian citizens and PR but I really want to work in Melbourne. Should I apply for PR towards the end of my course? Please advice me on this. thank you :)

  45. Hello I just wanna ask if anyone here has an experience with Mr. James Hall and if anyone can assess our situation. Im a nurse here in singapore, around 2 years experience and 3 years experience in the philippines. Me and my husband wants to migrate in australia. Whats the best step for me to take. thanks for the advice guys.

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  48. i have one of pr person in aussie melbourne what can i do for pr or work visa

  49. hi..i'm a malaysian currently working as a senior nurse manager in one of singapore's private a single mother with a 4 year old child and in early 40's. am seriously thinking of migrating to australia or new view of getting better education for my child. Have completed masters in nursing. What is the best way i can apply for a pr. Would appreciate suggestions from anyone. thanks

  50. hi, I got PR but I don't get a sticker...apparently it's 'all digital' that true?

    1. yes, you need to pay if you want a physical sticker now.

  51. hi i am an indian citizen and i want to apply for skilled immigrants but i don't have any blood relatives but i do have my cousin sis there in Australia and i did my MBA in Finance and i had an overseas work experience in the same field so what are the chances that i could make it for PR

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    I loved it.thanks for this marvelous article.........

  53. hi...
    now a days, i have co & she said me that you have to submit medical of your non migrant family members(my wife & son) by here i want to ask you that is my son & my wife will get 175 visa along with me to migrate bcoz i have filled their forms 80(only my wife) separately or first i will get visa then i have to apply their visa after going aus.

    i have 5 months old baby.
    i was single when i applied for pr visa.last month i contacted by co then i updated my information.should i update before??that's why they are considering non migrate family to my wife & son.just want to know why they are mentioning non migrate family members to my son & wife.
    on the other side, my son & wife's pp not made yet due to some reason , may be it can be one reason for saying non migrate.please any info related to my case
    thanks in advance

  54. You will not be required to provide a bank reference, you will not be required to undergo a credit score, you will not be required to fill in reams of paperwork, you will not be required to visit the bank or even the island.

    opening a bank account in Australia

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  57. Hi, I am a mechanical engineer who graduated frm nanyang technological uni and have been working for 3 years. Would like to know if my degree is accredited or do I have to go through assessment? Where can u find the information on this?

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