Rejoice, Baey Yam Keng is a Dog

What's the big hoo hah being called a dog by a PRC student that we paid large amount of money to bring him over form China and sponsored him lotsa what-nots?

I posted something 2 months back that mentioned about Singaporeans being dogs. It's ok that nobody reads my blog but it's about time Singaporeans know where they stand. Yes we are all dogs, the government regards us as dogs and you are one whether or not you like to admit it. My friend, it's better to acknowledge that in order not to get your blood boiling. You don't get angry being called a dog when you are one.

If you are still in denial mode, you can only buy a copy of The New Paper today. For all the crap you'll read in the paper, you'll probably find Mr Baey Yam Keng's comments about the PRC student incident.

He also added that we needed to reflect on ourselves, are we the way they described?
I supposed we are. I'm glad Mr Baey is with us on this. He's a good MP, many people can vouch for him.  I'll be disappointed if he had said "You guys better reflect on yourselves."

He's one of us, good man.

Meanwhile Tay Ping Hui, the mediacorp actor and Young PAP member stood out to bash Sun Xu

Tay says "Balls" to ungrateful FTs

Any wonder why Tay Ping Hui is not in parliament but Tin Pei Ling is? It is pretty obvious isn't it? Tay Ping Hui does not bark to the same tune? He tries really hard but it's not quite the same. If he tries a bit more like Baey Yam Keng, he may get the nod to be nominated to contest the Hougang by-election, who knows?

Not in Parliament

In Parliament


  1. hahahaha good post...later i will share your blog. All Singaporeans are dog...include those *** too wahahaha

  2. So for those Singaporean currently not in Singapore for whatever reason, maybe we should be called cat? kitty? or even pussy?

    When I posted the link from Temasek Times' blog report about Sun Xu's comment, I had an old friend firing all type of shots at me and my other friends who make comment about the link, for being so anti-FT. He keeps on telling me about the PRCs paying rent in SG, buy food groceries from NTUC and buy clothes from Orchard road. And many PRC rich parents sending money over to their dear children here in SG so they can make us rich. But seriously, none of the above he mentioned benefit me. I have no property to rent out to PRC, I don't own shares in NTUC and I don't work or stay in Orchard road.

    Then he mentioned about FT doing many works that Singaporean doesn't want to do for a living. I'm not too sure if he has visited any POSB branches to realise that many staffs there are actually not local. So Singaporean not interested in bank job?

    Then I realise that this FB friend, who was my army Sgt, could be a rich man! Because none of what he said is actually relevant, he is in a different class as me, which is why he couldn't understand how I feel about FT.

    Anyway I returned fire and my whole battalion goes own time own target on him in my FB post. He never replied, I doubt he will. I might lose a friend for all those comments but I need to get my message out. I'm a foreigner myself in another country, I don't call the people here nasty names even if there are things I would disagree with them.

    Anyway, dogs or cats, I can only suck thumb because I falls in the 39% category.

    1. We are still dogs. Singaporeans are dogs. Once a dog always a dog. Like my previous post mentioned, we are just wild dogs. Singaporeans living in Singapore are pound dogs with homes. Some are lap dogs (leave u to figure that out)

      Your good friend is a victim of propaganda. A proof of how effective the tool is.

    2. Ok, I'M A GOD! oops I mean DOG! :P

    3. tat mean PM also a dog...opps

  3. we paid for your studies, now u call us dogs......
    we paid for your salary, now u ask us to reflect if we are dogs.........

  4. I wonder how farking stupid the PAP and whoever else who continues to backed this "scholar" Sun in Singapore...

    Do the idiots understand by insulting the locals as dogs...and if this gets out to muslim will just makes things from worst to even more worst...

    I don't think any muslim singaporean can accept to be seen and taken to be a dog...

    It is really crazy...this lunatic just insulted a lot of muslim singaporeans by branding singaporeans in the main as dogs...

    Anyway forget it...nothing will happen to PRC "Scholar" the PAP he is simply un-touchable...and Sun knows this as a fact that PAP ONLY stays up for foreigners 1st and perhaps he use this as he cannot be touched...

    Interesting...the reason for the fall of the roman empire and Ming dynasty wasn't from external enemies...but bringing and teaching your enemies from within and without...and that is one of the key reasons these civilisations felled...

    Singapore will to in the end with that inane policies by the PAP...

    Simply unbelievable...there is totally no real wisdom or real worldly experience as we can see from the PAP...

    Really stupid farktards alrite!

  5. I'm puzzled...
    Why do you want to think that you are a dog?
    I'd rather think others are dogs... hahah

  6. I posted this on Baey Yam Keng's FB note on the Sun Xu incident.

    “There are more dogs than people in __________.”
    Dear sir, try replacing the country name and see how they will respond. And please avoid those with nuclear weapon, because that will be the end of Singapore.

  7. Let Sun Xu keep his scholarship and make him a _ _ _ too =P Happy Ending!

  8. I want to know if I meet Mr MP Baey...Can I call him Doggy? Will I be sued? Charge in Court? I am confused by his comment.

  9. Scholar tends to take side or sympathise with another scholar?
    It's taxpayers money to fund foreign scholars.
    Taxpayers have the rights to know what punishment is meted out to this kind of PRC scholar falling short of standard by calling taxpayers - DOGS?

  10. wahahahah Tay Ping Hui rocks~


    1. That's why TPH, unlike TPL, not GRCed into a MP. LOL.

    2. Heard he is a YPAP member and he is interested to be a PAP MP but somehow wasn't picked or chosen.
      So that may explain why he rocks now?
      He should join the opp in the next GE as there is NOT only one road (party) to Rome (Parliament).

  11. Singapore is reali going to the real dogs of our
    Country this time & they are more likely to be foreign
    Dogs than produce their unwanted litter or off spring
    Here after shitting all over Singaporean humans
    Turf , do we need talented animals here in the first

  12. There are many dogs in Singapore, SMRT ex-CEO Saw Phaik Hwa is a great dog, asked to step down she step down, Architect Mink Tan is also a dog, all these dogs have thing in common, they read Lee Kuan Yew's books.

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