Khaw Beh Khaw Bu

I have not written a single post on Yaw Shin Leong before. This post is not an exception. It's boring to write about things that everyone is talking about, getting in the mix simply means making more noise.  Admit it, you guys are just jealous someone gets to shag a MILF while you don't.

While everyone is talking about the expulsion of Mr Yaw, Worker's Party and the by-election, let's look at strange things that happened on the sidelines. Within short hours of Worker's Party's press conference, somebody apparently was giving one of his own.

I quote:
"The Workers' Party needs to come clean with the people what information have they got about Mr Yaw and in particular, what did they know about him prior to the May election. And if they know, why did they field Mr Yaw. I think it is sad that the voters have been misled by the Workers Party," Khaw said, as quoted by CNA.
Who's this Khaw and where did he crawl out from? Worker's Party's press conference was held at 1700hrs, peak vehicular traffic hours. Did the Channel News Asia got to Khaw on an ambulance? That must be the only way to reach him fast enough. Either that or I'll love to buy that teleport machine Khaw holds in his possession. Or was he 'just happened' to be somewhere where news crew 'just happened' to be there to hear him taking a cheap shot?

Let's look at some other thing Mr Khaw advised in his little press conference:
Khaw reminded voters to consider a person's character when they go to the polls, adding that there is no difference between a person's personal and professional life once he or she enters politics, according to CNA.
Oh yeah. A person's character is important indeed. Listen to Mr Khaw voters. The next time you cast your bloody important vote, remember what Mr Khaw said today.

Meanwhile, remember these faces and see if you want to vote for them or listen to Mr Khaw. The choice is yours. Democracy remember?

Dignity Lim
Disgrace Fu
The Unspeakable One
Team Leader
Big Man
Flip prata
You know, I can go on but you get the drift. Besides it's tiring at 0440 hrs here. Wife warned that I won't be a very happy man if I sleep at 0500hrs.

Just a parting shot:

I pay $8 to get my tits sucked. Can you?

Diam lah.


  1. khaw misled me into believing i can get surgery for $8 lor

  2. wahahaha $8 is impossible...who is he wor...he can lal...what are me! No $$ no surgery! I never believe them...

    Ah pooh.

  3. Ya, I was misled by Khaw too. My father hospital consultation of $28 (without medication) cost more than Khaw's compolicated surgery of $8. I have never felt so cheated by him. On that note, I hope he can show us how his hospital bill of $8 was dervied. We demand transparency and accountability from his bill to prove his point.

    1. Accountability is a dirty word in Singapore

    2. then accountants are doing dirty jobs?

    3. Just like Confused have nothing to do with Confucius,

  4. He a pious man protected by his thunder god.

    He can khaw peh khaw bull, others got to shut
    up, otherwise his thunder god may come visit
    You with writ.

    impious being.

    1. Heard Thor's hammer can counter a bit of lightning.

    2. A bit of lightning, but not all.

  5. however, still have to give him credit for the things he has done since he has been posted to MND. No?
    Not that I'm a fan of his though...

    1. and he is just doing what he has to do as the chairman of PAP...

    2. however, still have to give him credit for the things he has done since he has been posted to MND. No?


    3. Yes, it's a NO.
      He is tasked to MND for damage control for shoring up votes for his lightning white party in GE2016?
      Never ever buy DBSS flats, they are still HDB flats without condo facilities no matter how nice is the interior.

  6. I am ... erm ... not trying to make problem ah but I do know that there is more than one team of reporters in the field to gather news. Sometimes the different teams are sent off to different sources at the same time.

    Just saying lah ... not trying to make trouble ah.

  7. PAP should mind their own business and not starting to do questioning like what they always like to do before election, it will just backfire. WP doesn't need to listen to the PAP, WP just need to listen to its people in Hougang. At least WP is not covering up for YSL, not like PAP.

    1. PAP is just doing that they need to - retain power. Any party in power will do that to their opponents.

      But I see liao buay song

  8. Best posters to print and paste around. Makes my day!