Finally Honourable

Swee lah. Vivian must have read a blog post someone wrote [link] and saw a point. Now he wants to make hawker an honourable profession. 

Someone told me culture was the reason why the Singapore society viewed blue collared profession with disdain. Yeah, these MIWs has absolutely nothing to do with the it of course. Even better, they are going to change the society's views on skilled workers, starting from hawkers. Credit when it is due. You got to give it to Vivian. If anyone knows what's the problem, he does. This man could do anything. From eye doctor to jack-of-all-trades. How could those Hollywood bastards left him out in the Avengers as one of the super heros?

Just look at his feats:

2002 – Chairman of the Remaking Singapore Committee. Singapore remade. Like the new version?

2003 – Minister of State (Trade and Industry), zai.

2003 – Chairman of the National Youth Council, zai

2004 – Acting Minister for Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), zai

2004 – Senior Minister of State (Trade and Industry), promoted within 1 year. Sibei zai.

2005 – Minister for MCYS and Second Minister for Trade and Industry, promoted again, imbal

2005 – Minister responsible for entrepreneurship, which created a few more Sim Wong Hoos I think.

2007 – Raised public assistance scheme from $260 to $400 (that's a 53% increase ! WOW)

2010 – Made YOG a success, though spending a little bit more loose change.

2011 – Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. From floods to ponding to no more. Well done.

2012 – Made hawkers an honourable and attractive profession.

Very soon, Singaporean ladies will finally see Singaporean men more 'up' and we wouldn't see any of these.

Hooray. I'm going back to Singapore to be a hawker. Can you guys lower the rental a little bit for me please?


  1. lol, thats a good one mate..


  2. Is this the new career path for Singaporeans?

  3. First it was NS for Singaporeans, jobs for foreigners
    Now it is hawking for Singaporeans; PMETs for foreigners...