Patchy Encounter

I went to the backyard of the workshop to start the compressor first thing in the morning. Before I set my eyes on the cover, something else caught my eye. My eyes lit up immediately and dropped whatever I was doing.

I met a Jack Russel Terrier was at the most unlikely place. He was in the neighbouring plant. It was a pretty rough area but the owner of the dog brought him to work. He was prancing around the place like a site supervisor. I quickly tore my double gloves away and left them on the ground. Before long I was at the fence, that was the closest I could get. Patchy noticed me and approached me warily. I squatted down immediately and put my fingers through a gap of the chain-linked fence. Patchy inched closer and looked at me. I felt a connection between Patchy and Chocolate, as if Chocolate came to visit in another dog's body. Before long, Patchy came close enough to give my fingers a sniff and a couple of licks.

I stood up and jumped into a 'i wanna catch you' stance. Patchy reacted exactly the same as Chocolate did when he was a younger dog. He skipped around in mock fear but ended up in a position close to me with his front legs lowered, eyes fixed on me, ready for another dash. I repeated my action, Patchy did another round of prancing. The fence was the only obstacle preventing me from picking Patchy up and giving him a hug.

I never really got over losing my dog. It was impossible losing him to illness when he was perfectly fine before I left Singapore. He was still leaping full of zest a week before his death. When I ran through some photos of the past and saw 1 or 2 of his photographs, I closed the folder and stopped what I originally planned to do.

Patchy brightened up my gloomy Autumn morning within minutes. I worked 11 hours today, with the request from the boss to rush the production line. Compared to the 8 hour day work last week, time passed quickly today and I found myself not checking the time even once. The bad news would be I am going back to a 10 hour per day regiment. It is probably temporary because I am paid an 1.5x overtime penalty for that, so I don't see why the boss wants to incur these extra cost unless there is an absolute need to. The previous job was tough and prepared me enough to handle this one easily. The boss and colleagues seemed happy with what they see in me so far except for my forklift 'skills' which I gamely displayed today. It got better with practice, the whole thing felt more natural to me by the end of the day. I reckoned I would be driving like those pros in Pasir Panjang wholesale centre by year end. Ok, maybe next year end.

I'm turning in early tonight to clear the rest of my headache. Jen said it'll be 9 degree Celsius tonight so she prepared warm quilt for us. Anonymous commenter may be right. I've been almost constantly on high alert since I came here with something major happening every 2 months or so. Our lives so far have been anything but stable. I need to settle down and let the euphoria ease.


  1. It is almost a year since my dog died and I still feel he is with me, it is calming to remember him and the happy days we had. Glad that you got to play with Patchy today!

  2. Nix, checkout this:

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  3. Touching. Congrats on your new found fren. Happy for you.

  4. If you remember my comment to you just after Chocolate left, I don't know whether Ah Boy, of my wife's family, managed to chat up with him in the after life.

    But I believe that dogs too, like humans, have their contacts and connections, even beyond this life.
    In fact, recent research suggests that the close bonding between dogs and early humans could have added to why we prevailed against our cousin Neanderthals.

    Whatever transpired, Chocolate felt you, and called up his kind.
    Somehow, Patchy responded, and passed back the message you've long awaited since the leaving.

    He's still there with you.

  5. are well-versed in fury friends language

  6. I am sure you will have your own pet eventually.

    As for feeling alert or anxious, I am also still feeling the same. I guess it is a small price to pay for trying to get a better life. It can never be easy.

    Take it easy bro. Try and enjoy the life here :) I know I will.