First Blood

As far as you know, I have been spending next to nothing furnishing my new rental home so far. I am not ashamed to admit that. Saturday was another busy day for us. We picked up even more free things but today, money was finally spent. There was always a limit how low cost we could keep things going, I reckoned.

Jen simply love a "bartop chair" that we gotten free from the street. The quality of the wood and fabric was still excellent except a broken base. That was probably the reason why it was thrown out to the streets. We should have left that alone, because Singaporeans are Cheaper, Better, Faster, so everything in life should revolve around this godly mantra. The idea of repairing this chair would of course, meant that the chair will be more expensive and it would take away my precious weekend time.

I could avoid it but I couldn't avoid it forever. In Australia, men use their hands. Well not literally for this case, I needed tools. So off to men's paradise aka <BUNNINGS> we went. Needless to say, the 2 women began to whine and complain after a few minutes of Bunningsing. Even the little one began to expressed her impatience in the kangaroo bag we held her in. God, give me a son.

For this chair, I bought a lousy brand hand drill for A$20.00, another drill bit set for A$27.00, wood for A$6.00, a handsaw for A$7.00 and some screws for A$3.00. Total : S$63.00. Could I have bought a new high-chair for that price? Not sure. Anyway here was it:

The problem

The solution

The solution's friends

Implementing the solution

The result

Results look good, whatever way you present it. You think?

Though first blood was drawn, I have quite a lot of screws left over, a handsaw still in mint condition and a decent drill set to keep. That was a good consolation for me. Separately, someone gave us a printer. He said it was in perfect working condition. I hadn't got the time to set it up and verify. It was important to have this around if you want to seek jobs here. Meanwhile, the sofa couch we took from Canningvale had been cleaned and Jen draped a big comfortable new sheet over it. We got the idea from Stephen and Joni. It looks mighty good now, to be honest. I'll take some pictures when the whole place is almost done up to a stage I'm pleased with.

I took these off the streets as well. 5 white plastic chairs and 3 cane chairs. I decided to use them for outdoors so guests could sit and chat. My friends are mainly older folks you know, can't stand too long. Heh heh.

Free chairs

How about something like this?

I have 5 of these, what's lacking is an outdoor table.
Trust me to find one of those soon.

We even got one of these free, too small for me though

According to the owner, this chair is branded and
felt it was a pity to throw it away and her child has grown up.
We'll need to wash and sterilise it. That'll take time

Another chair Jen picked. Why Jen likes chairs?!

Basket, good condition. Probably for laundry.

What the hell we need this for?
I'll throw it away once Jen is not looking

We have tons of other things as well. We'll have a very very tough time moving house the next time. But I plan to throw or give away most of those if we do. Travel light, travel bright.


  1. LOL... you've started on the little workshop already.... keep some tools for me, bro. I'm aiming for a circular saw and jigsaw. And lotsa wood!

    1. Hello mate we don't know who you are yet and where you from like AMK or TPayoh or Bedok or Jurong or where? Give us some of your background for our info so we know who we talking to. No khiasus this side of the border in Melb, but maybe some lurking round the corner dunno yet, hahaha.

  2. Lots of freebees on Gumtree and the :)

  3. your kitchen looks nice....

    ah pooh

  4. Jen has good taste in furniture.

  5. $20 for a drill is cheap.

    Last pic is a rubbish bin?

  6. Should have spend a little more on a better drill, as a good drill can do many more jobs than a tiny one, and they last longer too...
    try not to be penny wise pound foolish
    just my 2cts. no offence intended

    1. That's as good as saying I should have spent on a new car for A$20 - 30k instead of a A$2.9k car.

      I'm in trades and I know how easily these things break down. Just one fateful night, my colleague killed 3 bosch grinders. They are supposed to be 'branded'. For home use, it's pointless to buy a good brand and chuck it in the store for perhaps 360 days of the year.

      That's not penny wise pound foolish. It's calculated risking.

    2. Interesting topic.

      I also have (or had) a bosch drill. Left to me by my dad. Been using it for many years, but recently had a problem when trying to drill a hole thru a wall. The drill vibrated so badly that it left blisters in my hand. That was a branded drill - but it did last for many years, still drills, but with a great amount of vibration.

      I then tried my brother's drill - it was a cheap $20+ china made one, bought not too long ago. After a few attempts at the same hole, the drill head broke (not the drill bit, but the whole freaking head assembly!!)

      I agree there's a bit of calculated risk here. But for SOME things, a good tool may be a better option than a poorly made tool. Especially if it involves safety issues.

      But, I guess, for drilling softer material like wood (as opposed to concrete) - a cheap drill should nearly as good as an expensive one.

      Oh, we never managed to drill that hole - it's about an inch deep now, another 2 inches to go. I think I need to find a jackhammer!

    3. i dun think thats what he meant. its not abt the brand either.

      cheap drills sometimes is the main cause of unwanted accidents, no matter how careful u are. They are cheap becos users just want to buy it for 1 time use sort of mentality.

      Whenever i am in bunnings i always check with the staff which is a worth buy. so far, they have been very sincere and accuarate.

      I actually kinda like the whole drill, hand held set that cost ard 50 aud with different heads adn stuff & it comes in a nice tool box, my friend had one and i saw it, it was a good deal & quality. not the cheapest nor it is branded.

      sometimes u can be very stubborn in ur own views


    4. Different spending A$10k and A$60 more la..
      I have a Bosch which cost me close to S$200 and it has served me well for the past 5 years or so..

    5. @ Sei: Please don't judge me based on a few blog posts.

      Firstly, this A$20 drill is recommended by the staff in Bunnings, which I could feel there sincerity just as you did over at your side.

      Secondly, I go for value. Not cheap stuffs. That's something that nobody manage to understand about me all my life. There is a difference and it's a skill that is hard to explain logically.

      Thirdly, I paid the price just enough to do the work I need, that is to drill a few holes using a 3.5mm bit through wood. It makes no sense to me to be paying a few hundred dollars for a really good drill that I have no chance to use it in this rented house where I am not supposed to drill a single hole in the premise.

      In every perspective I look at it, I made the correct buy.

  7. Hmm the last pic... it's a rubbish bin ah? If you have too many or don't need , why not convert it to an umbrella stand so your guests have a place to put their wet umbrellas on a rainy day? :)

    ~ SydneyLibrarian