Free Oranges & Xiao Dog

Well if you want to live life in Perth, you got to dump that mindset in Singapore and embrace a new culture. Here you see someone inviting anyone game for climbing a ladder and picking oranges in someone's backyard. And you know what? It is not about kiasuism. You don't go there, pick fruits and leave in glee. You get to chat up with the owner and get yourself a new friend in the process. The fruits are well, a bonus.

Can you picture yourself doing this? No? Yucky right? Insects and all. Some of you could, I guess. You could even imagine yourself holding your child's legs on the ladder and letting him have a go in snapping a big ripe sweet orange out from the tree with a couple of leaves still stuck on the stalk to the orange. Your child chuckles at another new discovery, another new experience.

I've seen dogs, ponies, horses, ducks, hens, roosters, mice, cats and more creatures being offered free in gumtree. Last week I saw a beautiful Siberian Husky being offered for free. What's with these people? Anyway this one is tempting but my head rules over the heart. I can't take it up. Damn it, it's just in Cannington, the next suburb a few minutes away. Oh look at the perfect mask of the Jack. What a lovely uncut tail he has. What a smart white coat.

Reality: I am not allowed to have pets in my rented place.



  1. Doggie looked pretty smart. Me likey.

    - Jie Yin

  2. If you're interested in fruit picking, let me know. Can take you strawberry, apple, fig picking next time during season,

  3. I would love to do that!!! ;) New experience!!
    Why are they giving away their pets!!!!! =.= Thats painful isn't it?
    Lovely JR..

  4. you r generally not allowed to have pets in rented places.

    but u can ask after u fulfil ur 1st 6 mths. what u can do is u can offer a higher bond. and write that u will be responsible to the house condition.

    If u had taken a video shoot of the whole house prior signing it. it will be ur safe chip to bargain