Barry White's Fate

My Perth story recorded yet another unlucky chapter. That was probably because I decided to do something ridiculous again. Well, I'm not the most incredulous person you'll know by a far mile but no one else gets caught except me. Just me.

I actually drove Big Monster down to Yangebup today to see Barry White - with Jenny on my side - with Albany on her side in her child car seat. All 3 of us. After disabling the damaged fan in the front with some difficulty, I decided that Barry White was good enough to be driven home. So Jen took over Big Monster and I led the way in Barry White. We went through an ulu road cutting through the entire Jandakot area and ended up in Warton.

Fucking Lady Luck went to pee and got knocked unconscious. I have not seen her for years. A police car decided to stop me at Warton Road. They decided that Barry White must be towed instead of driven. I told the young policeman that I was only 5 more minutes from home. I didn't want to leave my car on the streets and call a tow truck. Fortunately he relented and wrote me some kind of authority slip which allowed me to drive Barry White for 10 more minutes, just enough to get me home. Before that, he slapped a yellow ticket on my windscreen. That meant that even if I could get perfect bumpers and whatever parts that Barry White got smashed and manage to install them to working order, Barry White would still not be road-worthy unless I send him to "the pits" and get an inspection. (think VRL in Singapore terms).

While driving Barry White back, I thought to myself how good the car still was. It still drove well throughout that 30km, except for a few glitches which I was confident I could fix up. I decided to repair it myself. But with a yellow ticket, Barry White's fate was sealed. I decided that there simply wasn't a way to go ahead with my plans because it would not make financial sense anymore. 

I came up with another crazy plan......

Like migration to Perth, I have absolutely no idea if this will work, the only way is to find out. Let's list it out and see if I should go ahead with it. Regrettably whether I do it or not, Barry White is history.

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