Indoctrination Fail

What happened to the Singapore educational system? It was supposed to mold the future of our nation. Indoctrinate Mold. The young must know about how great our ruling party is and be grateful for everything it has given us.

Don't get me wrong. We should be grateful to what our country has given us, everyone Singaporean citizen must be. We are truly a privileged lot, there is no question about it. There is a lot of difference between our motherland and government, mind you. When our ruling party attempts to claim all the credit, portray certain characters as messiah in social studies textbooks of the young and uses mainstream media drum into the people's mind that life without them  would be some kind of a catastrophe, I have a big problem with that. Our forefathers built the nation with their blood and sweat but the PAP shamefully declares, "We did that! We did That!" in every avenue they can. It's sick.

I do not have an explanation how could this happen [link]. Shoddy indoctrination or a naughty fish that got away from the net? Whatever it is, it was certainly a sad day for the men-in-white for failing to fool even kids these days.  It is even sadder that a Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore have to ask school kids, "What do you think?" as a return to the knotty questions that the kids posed in the forum. The DPM even used the Devastating Storytelling Stance made famous by Lim Swee Say to beat around the bush and avoid the real concerns from the crowd. Then he put what he knew best, being some big guy in the military in his earlier life, to work. What we call Flanking in the army. Come on, DPM Teo. Do you have to use such lethal skills on kids?

After keeping a low profile (and being paid enough millions) way too long, the DPM is suddenly in a hurry to let everyone knows what he is made of in the last few months. Unfortunately, he isn't impressing many, not even kids. At 17 in my days, my classmates would had gushed and had gotten DPM Teo to sign on the back of their T-shirts at the end of the distinguished afternoon. White men should genuinely worry and look carefully at their ponds to see if they are full of naughty fishes of this size. If so, they better hold the next general election in 2015 instead of 2016. Don't say I only offer criticisms but never good advice to the PAP.

I wish you whities good luck.


  1. Hi! I am a Singaporean in Melbourne and just moved here in Feb 2012. I chanced upon your blog and I am very touched by your writings. I can connect to what you wrote and this article especially. We are also facing the same difficulties here in Melbourne - settling down, finding a job, day to day uncertainities. But one thing for sure is that we are happy. It is happy yet sad. We were lost souls in Singapore and ironically, I feel more accepted here than in Sg. Don't get me wrong, I love my country but it is precisely it's why it hurts. I was an educator and it is very saddening that it has come to such a state. This post says it all. Our younger generation will not sit back and listen to all these doctrines. It concerns their futures and they are willing to fight for it. That's the courage that is promising. Pauline.

    1. Hey I'm in Mel too! Welcome. Things will get better, just hang in there.

    2. hi

      i m in melbourne 2 came in Apr 12. hence if u r keen 2 catch up thru a cup of tea email me:

  2. Or just import grateful new talents who would vote them in.

    50k wasn't it? Spread around, it could tip the scales in some constituencies.

  3. teo chee 'bye' hean!!!!

  4. If the kid could provide a solution to his own query, TCH should swap seats wih him and relinquish his multi million dollar pay package.

  5. The thing that is worrying is the tone and approach the PAP and Singapore politics is taking. More and more, it's 'us' vs 'them'. The only conclusion of this approach is when one side falls and falls completely.

    Importing 50k per year to replace Singaporeans? Just that number would betray the true numbers of Singaporeans deserting Singapore. Another worrying trend.

  6. PAP has been talking about talents.
    If can remember correctly, TCH was not first elected in SMC but was selected to join MP GRC in 1992 by-election.
    Was he a talent to be "elected" in MP GRC during his first contest?
    Thank you so much for the unique GRC system, PAP.