Vivian Balakrishnan - The Snake in the Cabinet

This guy dabbles in everything. You would think that it is hard for him to top his famous phrase of

“How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court orrestaurant?”

You could see him trying really hard. He had came quite close with his latest one, speaking to Indian student leaders at the Sinda Youth Leaders Seminar on 1st June last week. I guess it is his turn to 'educate' the youth after Deputy Prime Minister Teo's relatively successful attempt. Well this was what was shared,

“The person who contemptuously speaks about immigrants could also be capable of turning against the minorities here at home.” - Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, 2012

I am for Singaporeans and against foreigners in my homeland. That's awkward. Technically that makes me a racist in the New World Order of Vivianism. Make that a terrorist. I wonder how does Vivian's new theory work in this case:

Only Vivian knows.

Singapore leadership is akin limbo dancing. You strive to get as low as you can. It isn't new that Vivian has a knack of dealing low blows. The Vincent Wijeysingha saga during GE 2011 has shown his colours. Now he is trying out inciting unrest, conquering by division.

Remember the Indian Curry Incident? Singaporeans, regardless or race, language, religion and type of curry, stood side by side against foreigners trying to be funny with our heritage and culture. Someone even started the "Cook your curry day". I wonder which hole was Vivian hiding and smoking delusional crack back then.

What time is it now?

Alas, it isn't the time that any PAP ministers realised that Singaporeans are serious speaking against the government's pro foreigner policies yet. We are dead serious but the men-in-white are still treating that as a joke. These aren't grouses or even complains anymore, these are real feedback from the ground that we expect the government we voted in to take seriously. Sooner than you know it, it will be the main issue in a general election in place of the usual municipal issues, which will be superficial as compared to real bread-and-butter living and survival issues by then. Why do we have to leave things till it is so late? Why can't we see that this isn't working and it hasn't been working since at least a decade ago?


  1. Hey I have something to share:

    The person who generously bend backwards for foreigners in "good times" could very well be capable of siding with them in other contexts.

    1. During the Japanese occupation, we had such men working for the conquerors.

  2. "A Singaporean speak against migrant
    A Singaporean who speak against migrant will become racist toward the minorities."

    I understand during my uni day. there was one lesson how theory was formulated thru falsification.

    Hence I wonder how much truth is hidden in his vague million dollar pay check statement. Perhaps is time for him to take away his color spectacle and see thing as it is!

    Luckily, he is Singapore if those MIW are in Aust. They will be history in no time. It get me wonder if they r really worth tht much!

  3. Before opening his mouth, Vivian should engage whatever brains he has and try to recall that his primary duty is to the sporean voters and through their courtesy a minority like him is in parliament...even Michael Palmer who is PAP MP in a SMC will attest sporeans overall are not racists.

    The main concern is Vivian betraying the trust of those who voted for him, including those from the minority community, malays, indians, eurasians.
    Did Vivian do a poll to ask if their lives became better with the PAP open door policy for 2 million migrants ?

  4. The MIWs are not worried because prior to the next election, they will give out more red passports to the foreigners and these people will be voting for the MIW who welcomes them with open arms into our homeland.

    We Singaporeans are slowly becoming the minority in our own home...sad but true.

  5. As a Singaporean living in Melbourne, I'm quite suprised reading that you are against foreigners in your homeland since we're exactly in the same boat as them?

    1. You must have been living in Melb for too long? We are not in the same boat.

    2. To: Anonymous@ 5 June 2012 22:30
      As a fellow Singaporean in Melbourne, I think you are simplifying the issue by making the statement that since we are in Australia, we should be supporting the Sing govt immigration policy.

      Going by your logic, we all shouldn't comment on how eggs taste like because we can't lay eggs.

      The thing that is different between us and the foreigners in Sing is this:

      1. Targeted total numbers of immigrants allowed per year. Different classes and breakdown of the numbers are given in advance per year. Information is freely available and subject to checking.

      2. Different classes of migrants with different assessment criteria. Assessment is conducted by independent professional bodies. Different classes of migrants visa also has different restrictions attached. Again these information is widely available and communicated up-front.

      Hence, by being a migrant in Aus, all migrants would have be independently assess to add value to Australia. We would also have been in some form of queue during the visa application process thereby making a time investment in the process.

      Compared with Sing govt approach:

      1. No criteria for assessment. (If there are, they certainly is not telling anyone) Being rejected for PR one day does not mean the same applicant with the same circumstances and qualifications will not succeed on a second try. The opposite also applies) In fact, some years ago, the news channels reported someone as saying the immigration policy is to keep to some kind of population mix.

      2. No conditions attached the PR. The successful PR applicant does not even need to be physically in Singapore!

      So how can the foreigners in Sing be considered to be of the same quality as migrants to Aus or other more established countries? Are you suggesting you are of the same quality as the millions of foreign PRs in Sing and you consider yourself to be in the same boat and therefore you empathise with them?
      Strange that you aren't in Sing fighting for their 'rights' then hah?

  6. There is only one statement to describe this idiot. He is a retard of the worst kind! A first degree retard! With ppl like him running this country it's rather sad. No wonder the country is going downhill and things are dally part! I do not want to dirty my own by talking about him. Even my pen is stained with filth when I write about this retard! Pls go read "Singapore Notes" by Tatler who has more to say about this retard unlimited budget blowjob children's games!

  7. Padaly, even in anger, please don't use the word, "retard". It's hurtful and disrespectful to those who suffer from mental disabilities. Anyone who uses terms like these automatically loses credibility, and it undermines what that person is in fact trying to communicate.


  8. Like DPM Teo, maybe this VB should also held seminars with students from junior colleges, polytechnics and centralized institutes.

    ‘F**K you Sir!’ – Angry JC student scolds DPM Teo for dodging questions at Pre-U seminar

    Despite the positive spin added by the mainstream media on Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean’s lecture during the recently held Pre-University seminar to a group of young students from junior colleges, polytechnics and centralized institutes, many were disappointed with his speech and the way he dodged their questions.

    He was absolutely disgusted with the answer given by DMP Teo to ‘smoke’ them and hurled vulgarities at him:

    “We seek your opinion. You gave us none. And when someone manned up and replied, “I am 17 years old, I don’t know what to do”, the crowd went berserk in applause. Fxxk you, sir.”

    1. Reuben Wong has since apologised to DPM in person. His blog entry has apparently been taken down too.

  9. The human tongue is meant to stick out, retract, and slightly wag sideways.
    Trying to lick backwards, or forking the tongue like a snake's, is ultimately hazardous and could lead to disasters, like getting it stuck frozen to a metal pole in winter.

  10. Vivian is just an idiot with a gay agenda. Maybe we should just ignore him.