Doing the Right Thing

Ah Lim said, "Putting the country’s interest first is more important than winning votes by pursuing populist policies." [link]

You know Mr Lim, we believe you.


  1. What right things have he done so far?
    Two wrongs equal to one right?

    1. ---> What right things have he done so far?
      None, except paying themselves multimillion dollar salary and saying it's "value-for-money" given their "great talent" which is highly sought in the "private sector".

  2. Hahaha... to the gang of MIWs (Millionaires-In-Whites), paying themselves multimillion dollar salary is consider "doing the right thing".

    U.S. economy (by GDP in PPP terms) is more than 65 times than of SG, yet the U.S. President only receives a few hundred thousands a year and had to declare all his assets.

    Economies by GDP measured in PPP terms:
    U.S.: US$14,447,100M (US$14.447 Trillion)
    SGPoor: US$222,699M (US$0.222 Trillion)
    U.S. Presidential Salary:
    US$400,000/year + US$50,000 expense

    Divide by 65:
    US$450,000/65 = US$6923 = S$10k/year approx.

    I will vote for the Pappy if the PeeM Lee is willing to accept S$10k/year, so that he can feel the hardship of the low-wage workers such as cleaners, etc.

  3. I am so happy that he is the MP for my constituency. Come next election, IF I am in Australia, I will be flying home just to vote you out - that's what I call doing the right thing for the nation. And I will gladly do it on my own expense.

    1. No need to fly back if you are in the eastern states, can vote in Canberra.
      Hope more voters from 60.1% will do the right thing in the next GE.

  4. I am also doing the right thing - to apply for Aust PR visa.
    Thanks to aleebaba and his 81 thieves, my Aust PR visa was granted early this year.

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