Raj the Sri-Lakan

Raj came over and introduced himself as a "Cheap Indian". I knew I was in for a hard time. As it was, it was tough doing business with him. He was as persuasive as I thought he would be. I ended up selling him 5 parts for just A$100.00.

I ended up helping Raj to remove some hards and put back some to shorten his time. It was enjoyable to work with him as we chatted all the while doing so. He told me he was living in Cannington with his wife, pregnant with their first child. We talked about cars because he worked as a mechanic. Correction. More like I was learning about cars by asking him a lot of questions. I reckon that since I was making a less-than-ideal transaction with him, I should milk more out of Raj by making him share his knowledge. He didn't disappoint and answered all my questions clearly.

On top of that, he offered friendship and urged me to look for him if I needed any help in future, particularly about cars. Before leaving, he persuaded me to buy a house of my own as soon as I could so as to stop renting from others. He passed me brochures of Keystart program, a government initiative to help people buy their first home, and told me to read up about it.

Parts that I sold here were:

1. Exhaust manifold
2. Right mirror
3. 2 tyres
4. One water bottle

Total: A$100.00

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  1. hahha... "cheap indian" indeed.
    but i think he is right. As i've told you before, buy your own place soonest you can..iirc, there's a national grant of $7k, and another $2k from WA government for first time homebuyer. check them out..