Lemons, Lemonssssss

Eve contacted me quite a while ago. She told me a friend gave my email to her so I guessed she had never read anything here which was good. We had a few very short email exchanges here and there. Coincidentally, she lived in the suburb I used to stay but only to know her after we moved.

Last night we dropped by her place to collect her excess lemons. They had a good harvest from their tree and didn't know what to do with them. When she asked, "Do you need lemons?" I simply replied, "Of course I need lemons." Little did I know we would receive 2 bags, 2 full bags of fresh juicy lemons. It was a bit embarrassing because we reached their place quite late and had to go right after we took the lemons off this Singaporean couple. We chatted briefly and Eve seemed to be a bit over-passionate over Albany which I found odd, because they have a baby themselves. I'll be eager to see their little baby one of these days.

For now, it is our turn not knowing what to do with them. It looks like Penny has already started a survey on her facebook to get opinions. It seems like we are going to have very lemony meals and desserts for the rest of winter. So far, I have been squeezing lemon juice over anything I eat or drink. Lemon-water, lemon black tea, lemon chrysanthemum, lemon pork. This cannot go on. Though these lemons will be fresh for longer than normal period due to probably the coldest period of Winter now, they'll soon go bad if we are not quick thinking enough. I'm pretty confident we will not let the lemons go to waste. I love lemons too much to allow that to happen.

I do have ideas how to use them. The girls are contemplating lemon cakes, tarts and maybe pies. I'll use them in food and drinks. Lots of Malaysians make enzymes but not many Singaporeans do that. I'm one of the few who does it. I'll probably make a few jars of enzymes this weekend. Meanwhile I'll be researching about converting fresh lemons into air fresheners and natural hand wash.

Last but not least, I'll spread the love this weekend. I'm not sure how many of you still read this blog. If you are (you guys know who you are), please place your order and I'll pass you some of these wonderful things this weekend.


  1. if I am in Perth i will be in the queue.

    P.S you can use the lemons to make some natural cleaners, the 'winter' cleaning will just make you sweat.

    P.P.S (I know this term doesn't exist and I don't mean the SQ privilege freq flyer program) If you can withstand the cold, you can make some Lemon Sherbet/Ice-Cream with them.

    P.P.P.S Or you can preserve them in salt and later use them to make some hot lemon tea/drink when the flu bug comes visiting!

  2. Freeze them in cubes. I have many lemons and lime in frozen cubes in my chest freezer and use them later as and when I like it. Cheers

  3. I have plentiful Tahitian Limes. (sng kam) Have been giving them away almost every week. Steam, salt and preserve with honey or sugar syrup! Or like me add lots of Brandy.


  4. Haha. Reminds me of my old rental place. There was a big lemon tree. used to collect about 4 bags every 3 months. Even then, there were many at the top I didn't bother. (Too high and I'm too lazy to use a ladder) Can't give you any suggestion though, I threw the ugly looking one away. (Still had a big bunch of lemons left over after giving away to practically everyone.)

  5. Preserved lemons, moroccan style!
    they have a very cool and simple one-dish thing (meat, couscous and veggies, all in one), you can use those preserved lemons in that and other moroccan inspired (ie anyhowly, but with couscous) dishes.

  6. You can also freeze them whole, the skin will discolor in the freezer but the inside is fine.