Bowen Therapist

It looked like Marianne wasn't wrong. In this line, word of mouth does work. When I hurt my back half a year or so ago, the boss rang Marianne and made an appointment for me and almost ordered me to go to her for treatment. Treatment was odd, painless, fuss-free, nothing I had came across before. I had doubts it would work at all throughout, but it did.

Marianne even told me I could take up lessons from her if I wanted to. I told her I was doubtful that I could be as successful as she was, being able to make enough money to do that full time eventually. She told me it was an advantage being an Asian doing this kind of thing because there was a general sentiment Asians are better in it. I told her a male therapist in Singapore will have it harder because he will lose a fair bit of market share because female clients tend to shun male therapists. Marianne told me it wasn't a problem in Perth. Maybe, just maybe. By the way, Marianne charges $60/hr for her services. Not too shabby, ya?

Anyway, Jen had a hard time finding this contact when Grace had her back stuffed and she thought it was a good idea to put it up in the blog so we would be able to fish it out when we needed it again. So here it is.

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