Petty Skirmish

I did it again.

I promised myself to play online games and stay out of trouble. I thought I did fine. I resisted being drawn into the Veterans of the Circle's feisty discussions on our dear homeland. I ignored my emails urging me to comment on stuffs. I even went on cold turkey to purge shit out of my bloodstream by not reading Shitty Times' and their friends. You know, good moments don't last forever. I almost undo all my good work today. Fortunately, I managed to hold back the sword in the sheath. Unfortunately, the spit already landed on cursed grounds. 

I gotta be careful man. I was messing around with a future RC member in facebook, speaking up for my indignant neighbours. While others chose to be "tactful" and "diplomatic", I stated things as it was. It wasn't an act of dissent. Sometimes the truth needed to be said, we had been playing emperor's new clothes too often as Singaporeans. We should be calling a spade as a spade more often, not masturbating with words.

Bad habits that shouldn't be picked up

No replies from Mr RC thereafter. Not that I cared, not that I expected any sensible things coming anyway. My level of Idontgiveafuckness is quite high for this one, lest I invoke the poison suppressed within unwittingly. Everything is under control. Singapore is perfect. The roads are tofu smooth and the air smells of honey. As beautiful as the best in my gaming world. It's back to gaming.

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