Xiaobai, the impressive ultra big JRT

Xiaobai is the biggest Jack Russel Terrier I have ever seen. Believe me, photographs are deceiving. He is bigger than he looks. We finally met this legendary dog last weekend. Xiaobai is the pet of Karin and Dennis.   I know I've relate this story before but it is worth a 'repeat telecast'. Just a short one, I promise.

I found Karin's blog quite a few years back by chance when I considering migration like many of you who reads this. When I noticed she has a young JRT like I did, I took an immediate interest in the blog. We managed to get contacted and chatted via MSN once in a blue moon. Our topics would not surprisingly, revolved around her new Perth life and her dog.

It was an eye opener last weekend. Karin was not simply a girl who hugged dogs and that was it. She was some kind of a dog whisperer, able to make Xiaobai do her bidding. Well ok, I had seen amazing things JRTs were trained to do on youtube but it was amazing to see how a JRT perform tricks in person to a 'normal person' I know personally, not some kind of professional dog trainer. Karin, mai siao siao. Upz.

There were 3 kids around with us that afternoon, 2 boys and a girl. All of them were saw Xiaobai as a fearsome wraith, screamed and cringed whenever I took him a few metres within their range. The little girl even cried. Baby Albany however, chuckled delightfully each time she saw Xiaobai nearby. It was the first time she saw a barking dog up close. She looked visibly shocked and puzzled for the first 10 minutes at the sight of an unsettled Xiaobai and soon took a liking to him as I whispered 'dog dog' in her ears. She was too young to know fear so it wasn't an indication how she would react to dogs when she grows up. But I could sense she might grow up to love dogs like her parents do. 

Albany remained in my arms in when Xiaobai was within range, even on leash. I was well aware of the ability of a JRT to make a quick pounce or high leap that his minder couldn't react to. Xiaobai's leap ability was much more controlled compared to Chocolate was, due to his exceptional size but I wrapped my arms around Albany's dainty feet at all times, knowing clearly they would be the first target if a JRT decided to leap.

Karin joked several times about Xiaobai being the 3.5k dog. (The amount they spent to import him over) I threw her an offer of $500 to buy him over which she agreed in mock gratefulness. Of course not. Looking at how they got along, Karin probably loves Xiaobai as much as I did for Chocolate, if not more. When I saw Jenny dashing around with Xiaobai on leash, I couldn't help but recall the moments with Chocolate. Since his death, I had many recollections of him regularly. It remains a bitter regret that I was unable to give him the last pat when he left us. I sorely miss him. It was great meeting Xiaobai. I would have love to spend more time with him that afternoon. A long walk will be lovely, if there lure of the brilliant BBQ was not that strong. Perhaps the next time, soon, hopefully.

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