Summer Starts to Kick Ass

Limpeh feels like bar bee Q humans

 Mai lah, mai lah!

Not happy bro? On air con lah!

 CB lah, later elect bill terok

Who ask you never install 24 solar panels?



  1. Hahahahaa. This cracks me up so bad.

  2. Last January (2011), when we returned to Perth for the last time, I thought I was being heroic to experience Mediterranean-climate summer, since equatorial Singapore was so hot and humid anyway.

    I learnt a new kind of hot weather: the kind in which one bakes like a lobster in its shell.

    Now I have even more respect for the four seasons! :-D

  3. Hahah, funny! :-D My sustainability consultant friend would have loved it, if only she gets Singlish.

    Should have moved to Vancouver. So far the summer that I've experience here has not hit 30 degC. The record high is apparently 32.7 degC.

    1. Is there a guide on your blog for Singaporeans to move to Canada? let's go Jen and Albany!

    2. Hahah :-D I will surely welcome easy-going, humorous, practical, and pragmatic folks like you and your family to join me in Canada.

      The Federal Skilled Worker Class is temporary closed, awaiting for new regulations. Will let you know when I get an update of its re-opening.

      Canada seems a better fit for you and your family, especially given your agricultural dream of feeding your own family. After all, Aussie is a huge dessert (exaggeration here) with regular droughts and hurricanes!

      See comment from wanderingsmurf in my blog entry below.

    3. Yo! Update for those considering emigrating from Singapore.

      Newsflash from Canadian Immigration: Canada will set up a matchmaking service for potential immigrants to "jump queue" if they get a job match. Bold move -- but of course every bold move will have its critic. Nevertheless, for what it's worth, keep an eye out for news about this new option.

      Also to note, according to the article below, "The new point system will come into effect next May."