The Crooked Path to Heaven

There is another lucky soul in this world besides me born to a great woman. Her name is Grace. It wasn't difficult to observe how strong the bond between mother and daughter, despite being physically distant. Every time Grace announced her mum's impending visit, she would wear a glorious beam on her face. It was obvious they enjoyed each other's company and when it came down to work, Grace's mum transformed her house with a wave of the fairy wand each time, from nothingness to awesomeness.

It was curtains and furnishing the last time round, transiting walls of bricks to a cosy home. This time, she added a finishing touch by turning Grace's sandy belt into secret refuge for the mind, accessible through two magical portals from Grace's home. Grace's mum called her work "The Crooked Path to Heaven." An amazing piece of project done in two days, after a one-stop trip to Bunnings where they got all their supplies from. Grace proudly shared that it would cost her double the price if she would to hire a landscape company to dress up her garden. 

Some of us will rather throw the money down to get things professionally done in such a situation. Many of us may even think of the day we sell the house even before we stay a day in it and form up the house based on this purpose. Nothing wrong with that. Different strokes for different folks. Just felt it will be such a pity. As by doing so, we lost a chance to build a sanctuary of thoughts, for a home is built on memories, preferences, effort, uniqueness and imperfection. Taking all these away, there isn't a much meaning under the roof and four walls. With that, Grace's new home has its healthy stash of love and stories close to the heart by now. Memories that she would never forget and forgo. I couldn't imagine Grace flipping the property for a profit, never.

How I would sit on that lawn on any Autumn afternoon, with the boundary walls behind my back, reading and falling to sleep eventually with the Autumn breeze falling gently on the face. That's all the luxury I want from life.

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  1. To be able to sit back, relax and let the world go by is indeed a luxury in life. Enjoy!