Being Fat

The weight loss industry in US is worth US$66 billion in 2013. That is incredible, if you consider the solution of weight loss was revealed since the history of man. Just look at pictures of skeletal children spammed everywhere by humanitarian agencies to create awareness. 

If you don't eat enough to make you gain weight, you lose weight. That's the only secret. The bulk of ANY weight loss program is simply marketed with whatever concept that was built around this simple rule. In the exercise camp, the idea is to get you to burn off more calories than you consume, thus weight loss. In the diet camp, you lose weight whether you choose to consume less or eat/drink weird products you have never seen before at stipulated timings. You've heard of a person who declare that he or she gains weight even by just drinking plain water. That's the genes camp. He asked if you are born white, black or yellow, there is nothing you can do about it unless you do a Michael Jackson, right? Right. So if you have fat genes and all the family members are fat, bad luck right? 

Hmm. Perhaps the genes camp folks should ask those from the diet and exercise camp what they feel about their theory. Let's take the car as an analogy. In many ways a car is similar to how a human body functions. 

The air filter is the lung
The engine is the heart
The ECU is the brain
The oil filter is the liver
The fuel filter is the kidney
The head light is the eye
The honk is the mouth
The air intake valve is the nose
The drain plug is the pee pee
The exhaust pipe, your asshole

See, easily 10 similarities off the hand. Basically the genes camp is trying to tell us that the car can run on water, with turbo charged capability. I'll like to get that car.

Being fat isn't a bad thing. I'm not laughing at anyone or trying to be mean. Being fat in fact, is a good thing. Traditional Chinese men used to be very proud to walk around with a chubby wife. That was a trophy to showcase their wealth, their ability to feed up his woman. Perhaps back then, with most food being organic and simple, no complex sugar or fats in the common market, it was harder to fatten up a woman.

Personally I experienced a few weight spikes and loss since my teenage years. Though my range isn't very wide, at around 15 kg variation, it was enough to make a difference in my lifestyle such as being unable to fit into the older clothes etc. I'm currently back at my secondary school weight. That is the low I had never hit before from 17 years old onward. I wonder if I should share my thoughts this weight loss to benefit the others. Don't worry, you don't have to get cancer to lose weight.